How Many Small Square Bales are in a Round Bale

A round bale typically contains the same amount as four to five small square bales. A large round bale can weigh up to 1,500 pounds, and a small one can weigh 500-800 pounds. The average small square bale weighs approximately 40-60 pounds.

Therefore, if you multiply the weight of a large round bale by 5 (1500/60 = 25) or 4 (1500/40 = 37.5), you can determine how many small square bales would be in one round bale. For example, a 1500-pound large round hay bale would contain between 25 and 37 smaller square haybales depending on their size.

A round bale of hay typically contains the equivalent of about 30-40 small square bales. This is convenient for farmers who can save time and money by using a single large bale instead of many smaller ones. Round baling also conserves space, as it allows more hay to be stored in the same area compared to an equal amount of square bales.

However, if you need a certain size or quantity, then small square bales are often your best option, as they offer better feeding control and waste reduction due to their individual portion sizes. If you went to know more about how many small square bales are in a round bale, keep reading!

Square Bales – vs – Round Bales SAVE $$ TIME & ROOM

How Much Hay is in a 5X5 Round Bale?

A 5×5 round bale of hay typically weighs between 1,100 to 1,200 pounds. This equates to about 600-700 square feet of hay. Assuming a typical 25 lb/bale density, the 5×5 round bale would contain approximately 24-28 standard-size bales or approximately 4500-5000 lbs of hay in total.

How Much Hay is in a 4X4 Round Bale?

A 4×4 round bale typically contains around 800-1000 pounds of hay, depending on the type of hay and its moisture content. Generally, this size bale produces about 22 cubic feet or 1,800 to 2,200 square feet of forage – enough to cover one acre if spread evenly in a light application. Additionally, it is estimated that a 4×4 round bale can provide between 20 and 24 days worth of feed for an average horse.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Round Bales Or Square Bales?

It depends on a variety of factors, such as the type and quantity of hay, where it is purchased from, and how much weight and size variation there is between the bales. In general, round bales may be slightly cheaper than square bales since they contain more hay per unit area; however, these cost savings can be negated by their larger size, making them difficult to transport and handle. Square bales are typically smaller in size, making them easier to store and transport, but they also contain less hay per unit area which may drive up the overall price.

Ultimately, it comes down to an individual preference based on whether convenience or cost-effectiveness matters most for a given situation.

How Many Small Bales are in a 3X3X8 Bale?

A 3x3x8 bale is a stack of hay that measures 3 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 8 feet long. Depending on the type of hay, this size bale can contain anywhere from 50 to 80 small bales. The most common types of hay used in this type of bale are alfalfa or timothy; alfalfa typically yields approximately 60 small bales per 3x3x8, while timothy usually yields around 70 to 80 small bales.

It’s important to note, however, that the actual number will vary depending on the moisture content and density of each particular batch as well as any compaction techniques used when forming the large baling.

How Many Small Square Bales are in a Round Bale


How Many Square Bales in a 4X5 Round Bale

A 4X5 round bale of hay typically contains around 140-160 square bales, depending on the type and quality of hay. This is due to the compression factor when baling, as a 4X5 round bale will take up much less space than an equivalent number of square bales.

How Many Square Bales are in a 4X4 Round Bale

A 4X4 round bale typically contains approximately 40 square bales. This is because the size of a 4X4 round bale is about 10 feet in diameter or roughly 3 to 4 times larger than an average square hay bale. The actual number of square bales inside a 4X4 round bale may vary depending on how tightly it has been packed and other factors such as the density and moisture content of the hay.

How Many Square Bales are in a five by 6 Round Bale

A 5 by 6 round bale is equal to about 9 square bales. This means that for every five by 6 round bales, there are nine individual square bales stacked or wrapped together. Typically, a 4-foot x 4-foot round bale will weigh around 1,200 pounds and consist of up to nine smaller 2-foot square balers.

How Many Small Square Bales Per Acre

The exact number of small square bales per acre depends on the type of hay being grown and can range from as low as two to more than one hundred. Generally, an acre will yield around twenty-five to thirty small square bales when producing grass hay, while alfalfa may produce up to forty or fifty bales per acre. The size of the bale also affects how many you can fit in an acre; larger balers may be able to fit more into a single acre than smaller ones.

How Many Square Bales in a Round Bale of Straw

A round bale of straw typically contains between 600 and 900 square feet of hay, which equates to roughly 3-4 large square bales. As a result, it is much more economical for farmers to purchase round bales as opposed to the smaller square variety. Additionally, the larger size makes them easier to transport and store on farms with limited space.

How Many Small Bales in a 4Ft Round Bale

A 4 ft round bale typically contains about 60 small bales of hay, with each individual small bale weighing approximately 20-50 pounds. The exact weight of the small bales in a 4ft round bale will depend on the type of hay and density, but this is an average estimate that can be used as a guideline.

How Many Square Bales in a 5X5 Round Bale

A 5X5 round bale of hay typically contains between 60-70 square bales, depending on the exact size of the round bale. This large amount of hay can provide plenty of feed for a herd or group of animals, and its convenience makes it an attractive option for many farmers.

How Many Small Bales of Hay in a Large Square Bale

A large square bale of hay typically weighs between 900-1100 pounds and contains between 80-100 small bales, depending on the type of hay. Each small bale in a large square bale will weigh around 10 pounds. Hay is often sold by the pound, so when purchasing hay, it’s important to ask how many small bales are in a large square one so you can calculate how much you need for your livestock or other animals.


In conclusion, there is no definitive answer as to how many small square bales are in a round bale. It depends on the size of the round bale and small square bales being used. However, typically you can expect anywhere from 14-20 small square hay bales per large round one.

With this knowledge, farmers now have an idea of what to expect when converting between the two types of hay baling formats.

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