My Horse Kicks When I Pick Up His Feet

My horse kicking when I pick up his feet is likely due to a combination of factors, including discomfort or pain, fear, and lack of trust. Horses often kick when they are in pain or uncomfortable; if this is the case with your horse then you should have him checked out by a veterinarian. Fear can also be an issue, as horses may not realize that you’re trying to help them and instead perceive it as a threat.

The best way to address this is through desensitization so that your horse learns to trust you more around his feet. Additionally, make sure he has had plenty of groundwork training before picking up his feet; this will help build confidence and comfort between the two of you.

My horse, Kicks, definitely lives up to his name when I’m picking up his feet. He doesn’t like it very much and will often kick me out or try to move away if I don’t do it right. It’s important that I stay calm and consistent with him so he knows that it’s not something to be scared of.

With time and patience, we’ve been able to work through this issue together so he now stands still while having his feet picked up. If you went to know more about my horse kicks when i pick up his feet, keep reading!

What do I do with a horse that kicks when asked to pick up his back feet

How Do I Stop My Horse from Kicking When Picking Hooves?

To stop your horse from kicking when picking hooves, start by developing a consistent routine for handling their feet. Make sure to always approach and handle the feet in the same manner, using slow and gentle movements. Additionally, provide positive reinforcement such as treats or verbal praise each time you finish picking a hoof successfully.

If your horse does kick out, try to remain calm and don’t respond with physical punishment which can make matters worse. Instead, speak calmly to them while standing still until they settle down before continuing with the task at hand. With patience and consistency, you should be able to help your horse become more comfortable with having its feet handled over time.

Why Does My Horse Kick Out When Picking Up His Back Feet?

There are a variety of reasons why horses may kick out when picking up their back feet. One possible cause is that the horse has an underlying pain issue, such as an abscess or soreness in the foot. Another possibility is that the horse does not like being handled and feels uncomfortable with someone reaching for its feet.

If your horse kicks out consistently, it’s important to consult a veterinarian to make sure there isn’t an underlying medical issue causing discomfort or pain. Additionally, you should work with a qualified trainer who can help desensitize your horse to having his feet handled and increase trust between you and your animal.

Why Won’t My Horse Pick Up His Feet?

There are a number of different reasons why a horse might not pick up their feet, ranging from physical to behavioral. Physically, it could be that the horse is in pain due to poor shoeing or hoof problems like laminitis or an abscess. It could also be that the horse has an injury, such as tendinitis or arthritis, that makes lifting his feet very uncomfortable.

Behaviourally, it may be that the horse hasn’t been taught properly how to lift his feet and needs further training on this skill. It could also be due to fear or anxiety; if your horse isn’t comfortable with being handled, then he will resist picking up his feet when asked. In any case, it’s important for you to first identify what the underlying cause is before attempting any remedial action – whether this involves working with a farrier, vet and/or trainer – so you can address the issue appropriately and ensure your horse is safe and comfortable moving forward.

How Do You Discipline a Horse That Kicks?

In order to effectively discipline a horse that kicks, it is important to first identify the underlying cause of the kicking behavior. There are many potential causes including stress, fear, pain or discomfort, and boredom. Once the cause has been identified, it is important to address it through appropriate management practices, such as providing more physical activity for horses that may be bored or giving them time to adjust if they are feeling scared or uncomfortable.

It is also helpful to use positive reinforcement when disciplining a horse; rewarding desired behaviors with treats and praise can help encourage good behavior while discouraging undesirable behaviors like kicking. If necessary, avoid punishments like spanking that could potentially increase anxiety in your horse and instead opt for gentler methods like verbal cues and body language corrections coupled with rewards when they respond correctly.

My Horse Kicks When I Pick Up His Feet


Horse Pulls Foot Away

When it comes to horse health and safety, one of the most common behaviors for horses is pulling their foot away when a human attempts to pick it up. This behavior is usually seen as a defensive mechanism, meaning that the horse may be feeling threatened or uncomfortable in its environment and wants to protect itself by quickly removing its foot from potential harm. It’s important to remember that although this reaction can seem aggressive or hostile, it’s just a natural response meant to keep the animal safe.

Horses Difficult to Pick Up Feet

Horses can sometimes be difficult to pick up their feet, especially if they are not used to it. This is because horses have a much higher pain threshold than humans and don’t necessarily recognize the feeling of having their hooves handled as something that should be done regularly or gently. It’s important for horse owners to practice picking up their horse’s feet often in order for them to become comfortable with it, which will help make it easier in the future.

Additionally, using positive reinforcement when handling your horse’s hooves can help them learn quicker and create a pleasant experience when performing this task.

Picking Up Horses Feet With Rope

Picking up horses’ feet with rope is a common practice used by horse owners and trainers. This technique can be used to help train the horse to accept hoof care, clean out the bottom of their feet, or check for any potential issues. It is important that this task is done carefully as it requires close contact between you and your horse’s legs.

When done properly, picking up horses’ feet with rope can be an effective way to build trust and comfort between you and your equine friend.

Horse Loses Balance When Picking Up Feet

Horse owners should be aware that horses can lose their balance when they pick up their feet. This is because as a horse picks up its foot, it shifts the weight and center of gravity to one side, which can cause them to feel off-balance or uncoordinated. To help prevent this from happening, riders should take extra time to make sure their horse has the proper support before picking up each foot.

Additionally, riders should use steady pressure with both hands on the reins while supporting the horse’s movement with verbal cues. Taking these steps will help increase your horse’s confidence and reduce the risk of falling during hoof care sessions.

Picking Up Horse’S Back Feet

Picking up your horse’s back feet is an important part of daily grooming and hoof care. It may seem intimidating at first, but with time, patience and practice it can become a regular and necessary task for keeping your horse healthy. Start by standing beside the hind leg you wish to pick up and use one hand to gently squeeze the fetlock joint while using the other hand to lift up on the foot.

With some horses, it might be easier to place one arm around their barrel as you raise their leg so that they feel comfortable and secure. Always support their weight with both hands as you are picking up or placing down each hoof in order to prevent injury from slips or falls.

How to Get Horse to Pick Up Feet

When teaching a horse to pick up its feet, it is important that the handler remain patient and consistent. Start by standing on one side of the horse’s body with your hand on its neck while gently tapping each leg in turn until they lift it off the ground. As you progress, reward them for lifting their foot when asked and gradually increase the amount of pressure applied to get a response.

With patience and positive reinforcement, horses can learn to respond quickly to cues from their handlers when picking up their feet.

How to Shoe a Horse That Kicks

Shoeing a horse that kicks can be especially tricky because it requires both the farrier and the horse to remain safe. If you are shoeing a kicking horse, start by having one or two people holding the horse’s halter in addition to any other safety measures you may have taken. Make sure your tools are within easy reach and that everyone understands what their role is in keeping everyone safe during this process.

Be aware of how much pressure you put on the hoof when nailing and make sure not to cause any unnecessary pain or discomfort for the animal. Lastly, reward your horse with treats after a successful shoeing session as positive reinforcement for good behavior!

Hind Leg Weakness in Horses

Hind leg weakness in horses is a common problem that can be caused by a range of issues, including age-related degeneration, lameness, poor fitting tack or saddle, incorrect farrier trimming, feed imbalance, and nutrition deficiencies. If your horse shows signs of hind leg weakness, such as stumbling or dragging its feet while walking or standing on uneven ground, then it’s important to have them examined by a veterinarian in order to determine the underlying cause and develop an appropriate treatment plan.


This blog post has highlighted an important issue that many horse owners may face when picking up their horses’ feet. It is essential for all horse owners to be mindful of the potential danger posed by kicking when handling a horse’s feet and to take appropriate steps, such as desensitization and proper training, in order to ensure the safety of both humans and horses. The key takeaway from this blog post is that, while it can be difficult at times, with patience and practice, it is possible to handle a horse’s feet safely without any kicks or incidents. Thank you for reading our post about my horse kicks when i pick up his feet.

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