Billy Royal Saddle Serial Number Lookup

The Billy Royal Saddle Serial Number Lookup is a program offered by the company that can be used to search for information about specific saddles. The serial number of each saddle is unique and provides details such as the date of manufacture, model number, type of leather and other important characteristics. By entering the serial number into their website or mobile app, customers can access all this information quickly and easily.

This helps them ensure they are purchasing an authentic product with accurate specifications that meet their needs. Additionally, it also assists those who already own one of these products in finding out when it was made and what exact features it has.

If you’re looking for a way to determine the authenticity of your Billy Royal saddle, then you’ll want to take advantage of their serial number lookup service. This handy tool is available on their website and allows you to easily enter in your saddle’s serial number to get detailed information about its model, year, size, color and more! Knowing this information can help ensure that the saddle you have is genuine and not a counterfeit or knock off.

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How Do I Look Up a Saddle Serial Number?

To look up a saddle serial number, first locate the serial number on your saddle. This can usually be found stamped into the leather of the seat jockey or stirrup bar, or laser-etched onto any metal parts of the saddle such as buckles. Once you have located and noted down this information, visit the website for your particular brand’s warranty registration page and enter in the serial number.

You should then receive confirmation that your product is registered with them along with other important details about it such as when it was produced or purchased. If nothing comes up after entering in all relevant information, contact customer service to see if they can help you further.

How Can You Tell What Year a Saddle was Made?

When trying to determine the age of a saddle, there are several key factors that can be used as indicators. Firstly, look for any identifying markings on the saddle itself. On vintage saddles in particular, these may include embossed or branded logos or symbols from the manufacturer.

Secondly, examine the type and material of leather used – many manufacturers have shifted to more modern synthetics over time so if you see evidence of older leathers this could indicate a certain date range for when it was made. Finally, check for tell-tale signs of wear and tear on both metal components such as buckles and stirrups as well as on the seat and panels – these will often help provide clues about its age through how worn down they appear. Ultimately though, with all these taken into account together it is usually possible to pinpoint relatively accurately what year a saddle was made.

Where are Billy Royal Saddles Made?

Billy Royal saddles are made in the United States, specifically in El Paso, Texas. The company has been producing saddles since 1968 and is known for its commitment to quality craftsmanship. Each saddle is handmade by experienced leather workers who use premium materials like full grain leather and stainless steel hardware.

Through their attention to detail and dedication to excellence, they have become a leader in custom-made western saddles that provide superior fit, comfort, balance and durability.

What Do the Numbers on a Stubben Saddle Mean?

Stubben saddles have an identification number stamped into the tree of each saddle. This number consists of six digits and gives information about the size, model, type of leather, age and other details about your saddle. The numbers can be broken down as follows: the first two digits indicate the width (from Narrow to Extra Wide), the second two digits indicate the length measured from front to back (Short to Long) and lastly, a single letter denotes which type of leather was used for that particular Stubben saddle.

Additionally, if there is a serial number following these five characters it will give you an indication on when your saddle was made – typically within a one-year window. Knowing this information helps you get replacement parts or accessories specific to your exact Stubben saddle model.

Billy Royal Saddle Serial Number Lookup


Horse Saddles

Horse saddles are essential pieces of tack for any rider, as they provide a platform for the rider to securely sit on top of the horse. Depending on your riding style or discipline, there is a variety of different types and styles available to accommodate any type of horse and rider. A good saddle should fit both you and your horse comfortably and be made from quality materials that will last through years of use.

Used Saddles for Sale

If you’re a horse enthusiast looking for an affordable way to outfit your steed, consider investing in a used saddle. Used saddles offer the same quality of craftsmanship and comfort as their new counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost. Whether you need an English jumping saddle or a Western barrel racing saddle, there are plenty of options available on the used market that can fit both your budget and horse’s needs.

Western Saddles

Western saddles are designed to fit the horse’s back, provide security and comfort for the rider, and distribute weight evenly. They feature a deep seat, high cantle (back of the saddle), long stirrups that allow riders to sit deep in the saddle while maintaining correct posture, and large swell at the front of the tree that helps keep riders secure. The horn on a western saddle also serves as an important tool for control when working with cattle or other livestock.

Barrel Racing Saddles

Barrel racing saddles are designed to emphasize speed, agility and comfort for the rider during a race. Typically constructed with lightweight materials like aluminum or titanium, these saddles provide more freedom of movement than traditional western saddles due to their shorter skirts and higher cantle. Additionally, barrel racing saddles typically feature close-contact panels in order to allow for precise communication between horse and rider, as well as stirrup bars that are positioned further back on the saddle so that riders can better grip onto the saddle when making quick turns.


In conclusion, the Billy Royal Saddle Serial Number Lookup is a great way to find out the age and history of your saddle. Having this information can help you determine if it’s worth investing in repairs or restoration. Knowing how old the saddle is can also help you decide if it’s an antique with some value, making it easier for you to make informed decisions about what to do with your saddle.

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