What Does Fancy Broke Mean in Horses

Fancy broke is a term used to describe an exceptionally well-trained horse. It means that the horse has gone through extensive training and can perform complex maneuvers with ease. A fancy broke horse may be able to do everything from simple walk/trot transitions, lateral movements such as shoulder in, haunches in, or half pass; collection work like leg yield, counter canter, or flying changes; and more advanced dressage movements such as piaffe or passage.

Such horses are highly sought after by riders who want a reliable mount for competition purposes. Fancy-broke horses are also valuable investments since they tend to retain their value over time if properly cared for.

Fancy broke refers to a horse that has received extensive training in terms of how it responds to its rider’s commands. This type of training requires the horse to have an impeccable understanding of basic dressage maneuvers, such as leg yield, shoulder-in, and haunches-in, as well as more advanced moves like flying changes or half pass. Fancy broke horses are typically seen competing at higher levels due to their exceptional skill set and ability to perform complex tasks with ease. If you went to know more about what does fancy broke mean in horses, keep reading!

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What Does a Broke Horse Mean?

A broke horse is a term used to refer to a horse that has been trained for riding and/or other activities. Generally, this means that the horse can perform certain commands as instructed by its rider or handler. This type of training usually involves teaching the animal how to move forward, turn in circles, stop, back up, and walk over obstacles such as logs or jumps.

Additionally, some horses may also be taught more advanced maneuvers like flying lead changes and sliding stops. Regardless of what type of training they have received, all horses considered “broke” will respond appropriately when given cues from their handler or rider.

What Does Green Broke Mean for a Horse?

Green broke refers to a horse that has had basic training and is responding well to the initial cues from the rider. The horse should be comfortable with being ridden, and respond to simple aids such as turning, stopping, backing up, and standing still when asked. A green broke horse may have some difficulty listening and following commands consistently due to a lack of experience or understanding, so additional training and patience are necessary for success in riding.

Additionally, it’s important that riders maintain safety while working with their green broke horses by ensuring they wear proper equipment including helmets, boots, and saddles at all times. Ultimately green broke means that a horse is ready for more advanced schooling in preparation for becoming an experienced mount under saddle.

What Does Handy Broke Mean?

Handy broke is a term used to describe something that has been damaged, either through wear and tear or misuse. It usually means the item is not in working order but may still be usable if repaired. For example, a car that no longer runs due to an engine issue could be described as “handy broken.”

Handy broke can also refer to items with parts missing or broken off completely – like furniture with one leg gone, for instance.

What is a Ranch Broke Horse?

A ranch-broke horse is a type of horse that has been trained to perform certain tasks on the ranch. These tasks can include herding and sorting livestock, as well as dragging logs or equipment from one place to another. Ranch-broke horses are typically very versatile in terms of their abilities, being able to adapt quickly when faced with new challenges.

They must have good ground manners, be responsive to commands and cues from their handler, and be sure-footed for navigating rough terrain. The skills required for this type of riding involve basic maneuvers such as walking at different speeds (trotting and loping), turning, stopping on cue, backing up, and side-passing over obstacles or objects on the ground, plus other more advanced maneuvers like opening gates while mounted or taking cattle through a squeeze chute.

What Does Fancy Broke Mean in Horses

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How to Ride a Fancy Broke Horse

Riding a fancy broke horse is an exciting and rewarding experience. To ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, it’s important to have the basics of riding down first before tackling more advanced maneuvers. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the basic principles of horsemanship, such as mounting, steering, stopping, backing up, and trotting.

Once you are comfortable in these areas, then you can start introducing different cues that will allow your horse to perform some of the more flashy moves, such as flying lead changes or rollbacks. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect – so don’t be afraid to get creative while having fun!

What Does It Mean When a Horse Has Buttons

When a horse has “buttons,” it means that the animal has white markings on its legs. These markings are typically small and round, resembling buttons, hence the name. Button marks can be found on any color of a horse but tend to show up more prominently in lighter-colored horses such as grays or palominos.

They are not related to genetics, rather they have been around for centuries as folklore suggests that they bring luck and good fortune to their owners.

Packer Horse Meaning

The term “packer horse” has a long history in the United States, dating back to the era of pioneering settlers and cowboys. A packer horse was usually a sturdy animal that could carry heavy loads over difficult terrain while still having plenty of energy left for other tasks. The term also referred to horses used by Native Americans and mountain men who traveled extensively with their supplies carried on their backs.

Packer horses were often well-trained, loyal animals that served as reliable companions for their riders during long journeys. Today, many people use the phrase “packer horse” when talking about any dependable workhorse that can handle tough jobs without complaint or hesitation.

One Hand Broke Horse Meaning

The term “one-hand broken horse” is an expression used to refer to something that has been partially completed. It suggests that the work necessary for a task to be fully completed only requires one more effort or push. The phrase came from the days of horses being trained for riding and driving, where it was said that a horse that had been broken in on one side was almost ready for use but still required some additional training.

What is a Handy Broke Horse

A Handy Broke Horse is a horse that has been trained to perform various tasks or maneuvers, usually for the purpose of competing in equestrian events. This type of horse is typically very well-mannered and responsive, able to execute commands quickly and accurately when asked. The training process involves teaching the horse how to move with balance and agility while responding correctly to cues given by its rider.

A Handy Broke Horse requires patience and consistency from its handler in order for it to reach its full potential as an athlete.

What Does It Mean When a Horse is Wind Broke

When a horse is “wind broke,” it means he has been taught to respond calmly and consistently to the pressure of the rider’s legs, seat, and hands for a period of time. This teaches the horse to trust and accept his rider’s signals before becoming more energetic or demanding faster gaits. With wind-breaking, horses learn that their riders are in control, so they can respond with confidence when asked for speed or direction changes.

What Does Dead Broke Mean

Dead broke means having no money or assets. It is typically used to describe someone who has gone through bankruptcy and lost all of their possessions, including any savings they may have had. In some cases, it can also refer to a person who never had much in the first place and thus was “dead broke” from the start.


In conclusion, understanding what fancy broke means in horses is important for anyone involved in the equine industry. It is a term that describes how well-trained and responsive a horse is to commands from its rider. A horse can be considered “fancy broke” if it responds quickly and calmly to cues without requiring excessive force or harshness.

Knowing this definition of fancy broker will help you understand more about training and riding horses and evaluate them for purchase or sale. Thank you for reading our post about what does fancy broke mean in horses.

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