Wither Strap for Horses Purpose

A wither strap for horses is a tool used to keep the saddle in place. It is usually made of leather or nylon and wraps around the horse’s withers just behind the front legs to hold the saddle securely. This helps prevent slipping, sliding, and shifting of the saddle when riding.

The straps also help distribute pressure from the rider more evenly over a larger area on the horse’s back which can be beneficial for both horse and rider comfort. Wither straps are adjustable so they can be tightened if needed while riding but should always be loosened after each ride to avoid discomfort or pain in your horse’s shoulder area.

Wither straps, also known as breast collars, are a vital piece of tack for working horses. They provide support to the saddle and help keep it from shifting while the horse is in motion. Wither straps help distribute weight evenly across the horse’s back and shoulders, reducing strain on their muscles and joints during strenuous activities.

The wither strap is adjustable so that it can fit various sizes of horses comfortably, making them a great choice for equestrians looking to ensure proper fitment when training or competing with their animals. If you went to know more about wither strap for horses purpose, keep reading!

How to Properly Fit Your Breast Collar with an Over the Wither Strap

How Do You Put on a Wither Strap?

Putting on a wither strap can be done in just a few easy steps. First, make sure the straps are not twisted and that the buckle is at least two fingers’ width away from your horse’s spine. Then, place the strap behind one side of your horse’s withers and feed it through both sides of the saddle before buckling.

Once you’ve secured the buckle, bring both ends of the straps around to each side of your horse’s rib cage and adjust for a snug fit without pinching or restricting movement. Finally, connect any additional attachment pieces, such as martingales or breastplates; these help keep everything secure while riding.

Why Do Horses Wear Breast Collars?

Horses wear breast collars for a variety of reasons. Primarily, these collars provide support and protection to the horse’s chest area while riding or working in a harness. The breast collar also helps keep the saddle from shifting, providing additional stability and security while riding.

Additionally, they help distribute weight more evenly across the shoulders and back, helping with balance and comfort for both horse and rider. Breast collars also allow riders to attach equipment such as reins or cruppers which can be used when leading a horse from behind or guiding it through obstacles. Finally, some types of breast collars are designed specifically for winter weather conditions; made with thick padding that provides insulation against cold temperatures.

What’s a Wither on a Horse?

A wither on a horse is an area of the animal’s body located between the shoulder blades and extending up to form a ridge. This bony structure gives support to the neck as well as provides protection for internal organs during movement. The size, shape, and prominence of the wither can vary greatly depending on the breed of horse, with some breeds having high withers and others possessing low ones.

Horses with higher withers are usually considered more desirable since they tend to be better able to carry weight without causing strain or injury. In addition, horses with higher withers typically have longer necks, making them easier to maneuver in dressage competitions or other timed events such as show jumping.

Where is the Wither on a Horse?

The withers are the highest point of a horse’s body, located at the base of its neck and between its shoulder blades. It is easily felt when running your hand along the neck from behind the ears to just below, where it joins with the back. The exact location of this area may vary slightly depending on breed, size, and conformation; however, it will generally be in the same place for all horses.

Wither Strap for Horses Purpose

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Circle Y Wither Strap

Circle Y Wither straps are an essential piece of tack for any horse riding enthusiast, as they help to keep the saddle in place and provide a more secure fit. These straps are made from high-quality leather designed to last throughout many rides and offer maximum comfort for you and your horse. They attach easily to most saddles with convenient snaps or buckles, making them quick and easy to use during long days in the saddle.

Breast Collar for Horses

A breast collar is a type of horse tack that helps to keep the saddle in place while riding and prevents it from sliding back. It also provides support for the horse’s chest and shoulders, allowing them to move more freely. Breast collars come in a variety of materials, including leather, nylon, or neoprene, and provide both comfort and style for your equine companion.

Horse Breastplate

A horse breastplate, also known as a martingale, is a piece of tack used to help secure the saddle on a horse. The breastplate attaches around the neck and chest of the horse and typically has straps that attach to both sides of the girth. This ensures that if the girth becomes loose during riding, it will not slip off completely.

Breastplates are commonly found in both English and Western disciplines and can be made from leather or synthetic materials.

Horse Tack

Horse tack is an essential part of riding a horse and includes saddles, bridles, bits, reins, stirrups, martingales and more. It is important to choose the right type of tack for both rider and horse to ensure comfort and safety while riding. Properly fitted tack also helps prevent injuries from occurring during rides or competitions.

Replacement D Ring for Saddle

Replacement D Rings are useful for replacing old, worn out, or missing saddle rings. These metal rings are used to attach saddles and other tack accessories such as girths, stirrups, and reins. They come in different sizes and configurations so they can fit most standard-sized saddles.

When buying a replacement ring, it is important to make sure it matches the size of your existing equipment for the best fit possible.

Western Show Saddle

The Western show saddle is a type of saddle used for competitions and shows involving western style riding. It features an ornately decorated pommel, cantle, and skirt and a high horn that allows the rider to maintain balance during various maneuvers. The stirrups are usually made from rawhide or leather for durability and grip, and many have silver accents on conchos, buckles, buttons, and lace trim.

With its impressive look, this saddle is perfect for rodeo events or simply showing off your horse’s beautiful form in the arena.

Buckaroo Breast Collar

A Buckaroo Breast Collar is a type of horse tack used to help keep the saddle in place while riding. It features a distinctive “V” shape that wraps around the chest of the horse and attaches directly to the girth or cinch, providing extra stability for both rider and animal. The soft, supple leather construction ensures comfort for your horse as well as durability over time.

With its classic Western style, this breast collar is sure to be a favorite among equestrians looking for an authentic look on their rides!

Pulling Breast Collar for Horses

A pulling breast collar is an important piece of equipment for horses used in draft work. It helps to distribute the horse’s pull evenly across their chest and shoulders, as well as helping to control direction. The collar also prevents slipping, which can be dangerous if the horse were to lose traction when pulling a heavy load.

Pulling breast collars are typically made out of leather or nylon and should fit snugly around the neck with no rubs or chafing.


This blog post has been an informative overview of the purpose and methods for using wither straps on horses. From its origins to modern uses, it is clear that this tool serves an essential function in horse care and management. Wither straps are useful for training purposes and help protect a horse’s neck from rubbing or chafing from tack.

Ultimately, this blog post demonstrates the importance of understanding the purpose of wither straps and how they may be beneficial when caring for your equine companion. Thank you for reading our post about wither strap for horses purpose.

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