What is a Wither Strap

A wither strap, also sometimes known as a breastplate, is a piece of horse tack used to keep the saddle in place on the back of the horse. It wraps around the chest and neck of the animal and fastens behind its front legs. The straps are typically made from leather or synthetic material such as nylon, and often feature buckle closures that allow for easy adjustment.

Wither straps help to prevent slipping or shifting during riding activities, providing both safety for riders and comfort for horses. They also help reduce stress on sensitive areas such as the shoulders by distributing weight more evenly throughout the body.

A Wither Strap is a type of horse tack that helps provide extra support and stability for the rider while also providing comfort to the horse. It wraps around the withers of a horse, which are located just behind its neck, helping to distribute pressure evenly throughout its body. The strap allows riders to maintain control over their mounts without causing discomfort or restricting movement.

Riders can use it in combination with other pieces of riding equipment, such as saddles and bridles, for optimal performance from their horses. If you went to know more about what is a wither strap, keep reading!

How to Properly Fit Your Breast Collar with an Over the Wither Strap

Where Does the Wither Strap Go on a Horse?

The wither strap, or crupper, should be placed on the horse’s back, just behind the saddle. The wither strap should sit at the base of the horse’s neck where it meets its shoulders and run along the spine to attach to either the girth or surcingle in front. This will keep both pieces of tack secure while riding and prevent them from slipping backward off your horse.

It is important that you adjust this correctly so that it does not rub against your horse’s skin. If a wither strap is too tight, it can cause discomfort for your equine partner; if it is too loose, then there isn’t enough support for your saddle as you ride.

Why Do Horses Wear Breast Collars?

Horses wear breast collars for a variety of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, they provide additional stability by helping to keep the saddle in place during long rides or difficult terrain. Breast collars can also help to distribute the weight of the saddle and rider more evenly across your horse’s shoulders, which helps prevent fatigue, soreness, and rubbing from occurring.

In addition, some breast collars come with detachable straps that allow you to attach accessories such as extra water bottles or bags conveniently to your horse’s back without having to carry them yourself. Finally, breast collars often add an element of style and beauty to any outfit – perfect for showing off your horse’s best features!

What is a Wither on a Horse?

A wither on a horse is the area of the spine between the shoulder blades. It is typically higher than other parts of the back and often easily visible when viewed from the side. The shape and height of a horse’s withers can vary greatly depending on breed, age, and conformation.

Generally speaking, having prominent withers can be beneficial for riding horses as it gives more stability to both rider and saddle, allowing for better balance during activities such as jumping. Additionally, some show events feature classes specifically designed to judge horses’ conformation based on their withers since they are an important indicator of overall body type in many breeds.

How Long Are Wither Straps for Horses?

Wither straps for horses usually measure between 20 and 24 inches in length, depending on the size of the horse. They are designed to fit snugly around the withers so that they won’t slip or move during riding activities. If a strap is too long, it can cause excessive pressure points at certain areas and be uncomfortable for your horse; conversely, if it’s too short, it won’t provide adequate support when required.

It’s important to take time when fitting a wither strap correctly, as this will ensure maximum comfort for both you and your horse while out riding.

What is a Wither Strap

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Wither Strap Use

Wither straps are an important tool for horse owners and riders, designed to help provide support and stability in the saddle. The wither strap helps prevent the saddle from sliding back or shifting too far forward on the horse’s back, allowing for greater comfort and control while riding. It is typically made of webbed nylon or cotton fabric with a buckle at each end, which attaches to either side of the saddle girth.

Wither straps should be kept clean, adjusted properly, and inspected regularly to ensure maximum benefits for both horse and rider.

Wither Strap for Horses

The Wither Strap for horses is an essential piece of equipment for horse owners. It helps to keep the saddle in place by attaching securely around the withers, a part of the horse’s anatomy located between their shoulder blades. The Wither Strap is adjustable and can be made with either leather or nylon, depending on preference.

Most importantly, it allows riders to have more control over their mount while providing support and stability when riding.

Wither Strap Western

The Wither Strap Western Saddle is a traditional western saddle designed to provide maximum comfort and support for both the horse and rider. This type of saddle has a thick, well-padded seat and wide stirrup leathers that help distribute the rider’s weight evenly across the horse’s back. The horn is low enough to allow easy access from ground level while still providing plenty of leverage so you don’t slide off when riding at speed.

The wither strap helps keep your back secure in order to ensure your safety and prevent any accidents from occurring during use.


In conclusion, a Wither Strap is an incredibly useful tool for horse owners. It helps to reduce stress on the withers of horses while riding and allows them to move comfortably while in harness. The Wither Strap comes in various sizes, materials, and designs, making it easy to find one that fits your horse’s needs perfectly.

This simple piece of equipment can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring your horse’s comfort and safety during rides. Thank you for reading our post about what is a wither strap.

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