Tex Tan Hereford Saddle Serial Numbers

Tex Tan Hereford Saddles are stamped with a serial number on the cantle as well as near the stirrup bar. The serial numbers indicate when and where each saddle was made. The first two letters of a Tex Tan Hereford Saddle Serial Number usually refer to the location in which it was built, for example, TX for Texas or OK for Oklahoma.

The next three numbers are typically assigned style number that indicates what type of saddle it is, such as 012 or 022. Following this will be two more letters that denote the year in which it was built (for example AB would mean 2012). Finally there will be four digits that represent the actual production number of that particular saddle along with any customizations that have been requested by its owner.

Together these components make up a complete Tex Tan Hereford Saddle Serial Number and allow one to easily identify when and where their saddle was made.

Tex Tan Hereford Saddles are known for their superior craftsmanship and quality, and the serial numbers attached to each saddle provide a unique identifier for the owner. Each Tex Tan Hereford Saddle has its own individualized serial number which is printed on the cantle of the saddle in either gold or black ink. This allows customers to easily identify their particular saddle if it ever goes missing, as no two saddles will have the same serial number.

With this information, riders can contact Tex Tan directly with their specific serial number so they may be reunited with their beloved gear! If you went to know more about tex tan hereford saddle serial numbers, keep reading!



How Do I Look Up a Saddle Serial Number?

If you have a saddle that you need to look up the serial number for, there are several ways to do so. The first and most reliable way is to check with the manufacturer directly by using their website or calling customer service. Many saddle companies offer an online database of serial numbers, allowing you to search based on the model name, brand name, year manufactured, and other specifications.

Additionally, some manufacturers may even provide a physical copy of the serial number in order for customers to locate their product more easily. If none of these methods work for your particular item, then it may be necessary to contact a local tack shop as they often keep records of saddles sold in their area. Finally, another option is searching through second-hand stores or websites such as eBay, which can help you find out what type of saddle you own along with its corresponding serial number.

How Can You Tell What Year a Saddle Was Made?

When attempting to determine the year in which a saddle was made, there are several factors that can be taken into consideration. First, the materials used and construction techniques employed will often give clues as to when it was created. Look for specific hardware, such as buckles or conchos, that may have been popular during certain time periods and could indicate an approximate age range.

Additionally, the manufacturer’s stamps and maker’s marks can also provide information about when the piece was produced. Finally, examination of leather quality or stitching style can help narrow down a date range for the item’s creation. By taking all these elements into account, you should be able to get an idea of what year your saddle was made!

Where are Saddles Marked?

Saddles are generally marked with a brand or logo stamped on the inner surface of the skirt, usually in the middle. The manufacturer’s name, model number, and serial number may also be included. If you need to identify an unknown saddle, there are some resources available online that can help you track down who made it and when.

Additionally, many antique saddles have additional markings, such as silver studs or carvings, indicating their age and/or origin.

Where are Tex Tan Saddles Made?

Tex Tan saddles are made in Yoakum, Texas. Founded in 1927, Tex Tan is the oldest saddle manufacturer in the United States and has been producing quality Western saddles for over ninety years. Their handcrafted leather saddles feature a combination of traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to create comfortable and beautiful products that will last for many years.

Their product line includes custom-fit saddles designed specifically for different disciplines such as roping or ranching, as well as an extensive selection of accessories like stirrups and reins. All their products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty so you can be sure your Tex Tan saddle will stay strong even when it’s put through its paces on the range or show ring.

Tex Tan Hereford Saddle Serial Numbers

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Saddle Serial Number Lookup

A saddle serial number lookup is a great way to identify the manufacturer and model of your saddle. The serial number can be found on a metal or plastic plate, usually located under the jockey, which is the area behind the cantle that connects with the stirrup leathers. By looking up this information online, you’ll have more insight as to what type of saddle you own and its value!

Action Company Saddle Serial Number Lookup

Action Company Saddle Serial Number Lookup is a free online tool that helps horse owners and saddle makers identify the age, model, and other details of their Action Company saddles. This searchable database allows users to enter the saddle serial number found on their saddles, which will then return information such as manufacturing date and model type. By using this lookup tool, saddle owners can ensure they get the right parts for the repair or replacement of their Action Company Saddles.

Dating Hereford Saddles

Dating a Hereford saddle is not difficult. It’s made of quality leather and is stamped with the year it was produced, so you can easily identify the age of your saddle. The Hereford brand has been in existence since 1891, making them one of the oldest English saddles in production.

They are known for their superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials that make them extremely comfortable to ride in for hours on end. Whether you’re looking for a vintage piece or something more modern, there’s sure to be a Hereford saddle perfect for your needs!

Saddle King of Texas Serial Numbers

The Saddle King of Texas is a saddle and tack business that has been in operation since 1969. They offer custom-made saddles, bridles, and other equestrian accessories crafted from the finest leather. Each of their products is given a unique serial number for tracking purposes.

These numbers can be found on all purchases made from Saddle King of Texas, allowing customers to easily identify the item they purchased and its origin if necessary.

Courts Saddle Serial Number Lookup

Serial number lookup is a useful tool for checking the identity of a court saddle. By inputting the serial number into an online database, riders can access valuable information about their saddle such as its production date and manufacturing origin. Additionally, this service can provide helpful insights into potential safety concerns or recalls associated with the product.

Serial number lookups are essential for verifying that all components of your riding equipment are up to par and that you have made an informed purchase decision.

Blue Ribbon Saddle Serial Number

Saddle serial numbers are a great way to identify the maker, model, and age of your saddle. A Blue Ribbon Saddle serial number is typically located on a metal plate near the skirt or jockey of the saddle, stamped with two letters followed by four numbers. This information can be used to look up records from Blue Ribbon’s archives and determine when your particular saddle was made.

Hamley Saddle Serial Numbers

Hamley Saddle Serial Numbers are a great way to identify your saddle and learn more about its history. Each Hamley saddle has a unique serial number stamped on the back of it that can tell you when the saddle was made, what model it is, where it came from, and even who owned it previously. These numbers also help in verifying if a particular saddle is authentic or not.

Knowing your serial number can be an invaluable tool for researching your saddle’s provenance and helping ensure you have the real deal!

Saddle Identification Numbers

Saddle identification numbers, also known as saddle serial numbers, are a unique way to identify a specific saddle. Saddle identification numbers are usually found underneath the pommel or on the cantle of the saddle and can be used to identify the maker of the saddle, its age, model number, and other features that may be associated with it. Knowing your saddle’s identification number is important for identifying lost or stolen saddles as well as providing information about its history.


In conclusion, if you own a Tex Tan Hereford Saddle and would like to know more about its history, looking up the serial number can provide valuable information. Being able to identify the age and condition of your saddle can help you make an informed decision when it comes to maintenance or repairs. Knowing the serial number also makes it easier for owners to research their saddle’s provenance and potentially add value if they plan on reselling it down the line. Thank you for reading our post about tex tan hereford saddle serial numbers.

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