Rabbit Scratching Ears And Shaking Head

Rabbits are known to scratch their ears and shake their heads for several reasons. One of the most common is to rid themselves of parasites, such as fleas or mites. Rabbits also use this behavior to relieve an itch caused by dry skin, allergies, or other irritants.

Additionally, rabbits may scratch and shake their heads in response to a sound that they don’t like or recognize. Lastly, some rabbits simply enjoy scratching their ears and shaking their heads even if there isn’t anything wrong with them! It’s important for owners to know why a rabbit might be exhibiting this behavior so that any underlying health issues can be addressed promptly.

Many people observe their pet rabbits scratching their ears and shaking their heads, which can be concerning if it happens frequently or for a prolonged period of time. In most cases, this behavior is normal and just means that the rabbit is trying to get rid of an itch or irritant in its ear canal. If you notice your rabbit constantly itching its ears and shaking its head, let your veterinarian know so they can examine the rabbit’s ears more closely to rule out any underlying health issues. If you went to know more about rabbit scratching ears and shaking head, keep reading!

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How Do I Know If My Rabbit Has Ear Mites?

If you suspect that your rabbit might have ear mites, there are a few telltale signs to look out for. You may notice that your rabbit is shaking its head more than usual or scratching at its ears. Additionally, the inside of their ears may be red and inflamed, or itchy bumps may be present.

It’s also common to see a yellowish wax-like substance in the ear canal accompanied by an unpleasant odor. If you observe any of these symptoms in your rabbit, then it is important to take them to a vet as soon as possible so they can diagnose and treat the infection properly.

Can Indoor Rabbits Get Ear Mites?

Yes, indoor rabbits can get ear mites. These tiny parasites feed on the wax and oils inside a rabbit’s ears and cause an itchy irritation that often leads to infection or even hearing loss if left untreated. If your rabbit is scratching its ears excessively or shaking its head frequently, then it may be suffering from an infestation of ear mites.

In order to properly treat this condition, you’ll need to take your rabbit to the vet for diagnosis and treatment with topical medications. Additionally, you can also try cleaning out your rabbit’s ears regularly with pet-safe solutions in order to help prevent future infestations.

Why is My Rabbit Scratching Its Ears?

Scratching of the ears can be a sign that your rabbit has mites or an ear infection, which are both relatively common in rabbits. These conditions can lead to itching and scratching of the ears, head shaking, discharge from the ears, and even darkening of the fur around them. If you suspect your rabbit has these issues, it’s important to take it to a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

In addition to health problems as possible causes for ear scratching in rabbits, allergies may also play a role. Allergies caused by environmental irritants such as dust mites or pollen can cause excessive itchiness and result in frequent ear-scratching behavior.

How Do You Treat Ear Mites in Rabbits at Home?

Ear mites in rabbits can be treated at home with a few simple steps. First, it is important to clean the rabbit’s ears by removing any debris and wax build-up with a cotton ball or swab dipped in warm water. Then, apply an over-the-counter topical solution such as Revolution for Rabbits or a similar veterinary-grade product directly into both ears of the rabbit every day for two weeks.

It is also important to use tweezers to remove any visible mites during this time period. Lastly, keep the environment around your rabbit clean and free from excess dust and other irritants that could cause further irritation to their delicate skin.

Rabbit Scratching Ears And Shaking Head

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Bunny Shakes Head And Jumps

Bunny shakes, also known as an “infantile tremor,” is a common behavior among young rabbits. This behavior involves the bunny rapidly shaking its head and jumping in place. Bunny shakes are believed to be caused by stress or excitement, with some suggesting they could be a way of calming themselves down or expressing joy.

Whatever the reason behind it, this cute little behavior is sure to make any rabbit lover smile!

Rabbit Itching Treatment Home Remedy

If your rabbit is experiencing itching, there are some home remedies you can try to help alleviate the discomfort. Treating the area with an oatmeal bath may provide relief from itching and irritation. Additionally, applying a mixture of olive oil and chamomile tea to the affected area can be beneficial as it provides anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe skin inflammation.

Finally, providing plenty of fresh hay for your rabbit to munch on will also help keep their skin healthy and hydrated, which helps reduce itchiness.

Rabbit Ear Mites

Rabbit ear mites are a common ectoparasite in pet rabbits, and they can cause extreme discomfort if left untreated. These white-colored mites congregate in the ear canal and feed on wax, oils, and skin cells. Symptoms of rabbit ear mites include itching of the ears, head shaking or scratching at the ears, brown waxy discharge from the ears, inflammation of the outer ear area (known as otitis externa) or even loss of hearing due to severe infestations.

If you suspect your pet has rabbit ear mites, it is important to get them treated by a vet as soon as possible.

Why is My Rabbit Scratching His Ears

Rabbits often scratch their ears because of a buildup of earwax or debris. Ear mites, allergies, and even infections can also cause your rabbit to itch his ears more than usual. If the scratching persists, it’s important to take your rabbit to the vet for an exam as soon as possible in order to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be causing discomfort.

Why Do Rabbits Shake Their Ears

Rabbits shake their ears to help keep cool and regulate their body temperature. By shaking their ears, they increase air circulation around them, which helps reduce the heat generated by their fur-covered bodies. Additionally, rabbits use ear movement to communicate with other animals in order to express fear or aggression.

Shake movements can also be used as a warning signal when predators are nearby.

Rabbit Shakes Head at Me

Rabbits are very expressive creatures, and sometimes they will shake their head at you as a way of communicating. This behavior usually indicates that the rabbit is feeling scared or uncomfortable in its current surroundings. Rabbit shakes can be subtle, such as a twitch of the ears, or more pronounced with an actual shaking motion of the head.

If your rabbit is shaking its head at you, it’s likely because it feels threatened and wants to get away from whatever is making it uneasy. There are several things you can do to help make your furry friend feel safe again: provide plenty of hiding places for them to retreat to if needed; reduce loud noises and sudden movements; reassess their living environment for anything that could be causing stress; and give them lots of love and attention!

Rabbit Shaking Head When Lying Down

Rabbit shaking head when lying down is a common behavior seen in rabbits that can be attributed to several causes, including pain, itching, or even just comfort. It’s important to observe your rabbit carefully and contact a veterinarian if the behavior persists or worsens. If your rabbit exhibits this behavior while lying down, take them to the vet for an assessment as soon as possible!

How Often Do Bunnies Scratch Their Ears

Bunnies scratch their ears quite frequently, especially when they have an itch or need to groom themselves. It’s important for bunny owners to keep a close eye on their pets and make sure that the ears are not being scratched excessively, as this could lead to infection or other medical conditions.


This blog post has highlighted the common behavior of rabbits when they scratch their ears and shake their heads. We have looked at what this behavior can mean, including relief from an itch or a sign that there is something wrong with them. We have also explored why this occurs in the first place and discussed potential solutions for any problems that may arise due to it.

All in all, it’s clear that understanding our pet rabbits’ behaviors is essential for providing them with the best possible care. Thank you for reading our post about rabbit scratching ears and shaking head.

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