Rabbit Eating Poop Not Cecotropes

Rabbits may sometimes eat their own poop, which is known as cecotropes. These are different from regular droppings and contain essential vitamins and minerals that the rabbit needs to stay healthy. However, rabbits should not be eating any other type of poop, including the droppings of another animal or human waste.

Eating non-cecotropic poops can lead to a wide range of health issues such as gastrointestinal problems, infection with parasites or bacteria, and even poisoning if it contains toxins like pesticides or herbicides. If you see your rabbit eating anything other than its own cecotropes, then it’s important to take them to the vet immediately for an examination and treatment plan so they don’t suffer any long-term health effects.

Rabbit Eating Poop Not Cecotropes

Eating poop is a behavior many pet owners find alarming, but when it comes to rabbits, not all feces are created equal. While the sight of your rabbit chowing down on its own droppings may seem distasteful, this type of eating isn’t as bad for them as it seems. Rabbits eat what’s known as cecotropes, which are small, soft pellets that contain essential nutrients and vitamins they can’t get from their regular diet.

Eating non-cecotropic poo (poop that isn’t produced by the cecum) is generally a sign of boredom or dietary deficiency so if you notice your bunny snacking on something other than those special little pellets it’s best to consult with your vet about possible causes and solutions.

Why Does My Rabbit Eat Its Poop?

Why is My Rabbit Eating Its Regular Poop?

Rabbits have a unique digestive system that allows them to digest their food twice. This process is known as coprophagy and it helps ensure that rabbits extract the maximum amount of nutrients from their diet. Rabbits produce two types of feces – hard, round pellets (regular poop) and soft, fibrous droppings (cecotropes).

Eating cecotropes is normal behavior for rabbits since they contain essential vitamins and minerals; however, if your rabbit is eating its regular poop too often then it could be an indication of stress or boredom. Additionally, if your rabbit has been switched to a new diet or has been exposed to environmental changes recently then this could also explain why it’s engaging in coprophagy more than usual.

Why Isn’T My Rabbit Eating Her Cecotropes?

There could be a few reasons why your rabbit isn’t eating her cecotropes. If she is normally a healthy and active rabbit, it might simply be because she’s not feeling well or is stressed out. It could also mean that something in the diet needs to be changed – either there aren’t enough fiber-rich foods like hay and grass, or there are too many treats and starches that fill her up so she doesn’t feel hungry.

It may also indicate an underlying health issue such as dental problems, GI stasis, parasites, or even cancer. If the problem persists for more than a couple of days you should take your rabbit to the vet for further investigation.

Is It Ok for Rabbits to Eat Their Poop?

No, it is not OK for rabbits to eat their poop. While rabbits do naturally consume some of their own droppings as part of the digestive process, this should not be encouraged or allowed. Eating fecal matter can lead to gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and malnutrition due to the lack of nutrients that are found in the feces.

Additionally, eating too much of their own waste can cause a rabbit to become overweight and increase the risk of health issues related to being overweight. It is important for owners to provide an appropriate diet consisting of hay and fresh vegetables while avoiding treats like sugary fruits or processed foods so that your rabbit does not develop unhealthy habits such as eating its own poop.

Why is My Rabbit Only Pooping Cecotropes?

A rabbit’s diet is mainly composed of fibrous foods, such as hay and grass. While these foods contain essential nutrients, they can be difficult for the rabbit to digest. As a result, rabbits produce cecotropes which are softer pellets that are made up of partially digested food components.

These cecotropes also contain beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help break down the tougher fibers in their diets. If your rabbit is only producing cecotropes it could indicate a lack of balance in its diet or digestive issues with more complex carbohydrates like grains or legumes. It may also mean that your rabbit isn’t consuming enough fiber-rich vegetables and hay to keep its digestive system running smoothly.

To ensure your bunny stays healthy, consult an exotic animal veterinarian about proper nutrition tailored specifically to your pet’s needs.

Rabbit Eating Poop Not Cecotropes Reddit

Rabbits may be seen eating their own feces, but it’s actually not a sign of poor health or nutritional deficiencies. In fact, rabbits produce two kinds of fecal matter: cecotropes and hard droppings. While the hard droppings are expelled from the body in order to get rid of waste material, the softer cecotropes contain nutrients that rabbits need to stay healthy.

Therefore, when they eat these cecotropes (also known as “night poops”), they are getting necessary nutrition that is missing from their regular diet – so don’t worry if you see your rabbit munching on its poop!

How Often Do Rabbits Eat Their Poop

Rabbits engage in a behavior called coprophagy, which is the act of eating their own droppings. This may seem strange to us humans, but it’s actually quite beneficial for rabbits as they are able to extract additional nutrients from their food by re-ingesting it. Rabbits generally eat their poop several times a day, usually during the morning and evening when they’re most active.

Rabbit Eating Wrong Poop

Rabbit owners should take care to ensure that their pets are not eating any of the wrong kind of poop. Eating the wrong kind of poop, known as coprophagy, can lead to a variety of health problems for rabbits including gastrointestinal upset, malnutrition, and even death. To avoid this problem it is important to keep your rabbit’s area clean and free from other animals’ feces.

Additionally it is best to feed your rabbit fresh hay and vegetables on a daily basis in order to give them enough nutrition so they don’t feel compelled eat their own droppings or those of another animal.

Why Do Rabbits Eat Their Own Babies

Rabbits are highly territorial animals and will often eat their own babies if they feel threatened or perceive danger. This behavior is known as cottontail cannibalism, and it occurs when a mother rabbit perceives her young to be in danger, either from predators or environmental factors such as drought. In such cases, the mother may resort to eating its young in order to reduce competition for food and ensure the survival of other offspring.

Although this behavior may seem cruel, it is an instinctive protection mechanism that helps keep rabbits safe in times of stress.

Rabbit Cecotropes

Rabbit cecotropes are soft, smelly pellets that rabbits produce and re-ingest. These pellets contain bacteria and vitamins that aid in the digestion of a rabbit’s diet. By eating these special droppings, also known as night feces or “cecotropes”, rabbits derive essential nutrients from their food which wouldn’t otherwise be available to them.

This behavior is part of a process called coprophagy and helps ensure that your pet stays healthy!

What is It Called When Rabbits Eat Their Own Poop

Rabbits eating their own poop is a behaviour known as coprophagy, which is derived from the Greek words for “feces” and “eating”. This behaviour is completely normal in rabbits, as they need to ingest certain nutrients that are found in their feces but not otherwise available from other sources. Coprophagy also helps them to maintain healthy digestive systems by allowing them to receive additional vitamins and minerals.

Can Humans Eat Rabbit Poop

No, humans cannot eat rabbit poop. Rabbit droppings are the product of their digestive system and contain bacteria that can be harmful to human health if consumed. In general, it is not recommended to consume any type of animal waste as a food source.

Cecotropes Vs Poop

Cecotropes, which are also known as ‘night feces’ or ‘soft fecal pellets’, are a type of droppings produced by rabbits. Unlike regular poop, cecotropes contain high levels of essential nutrients and vitamins that help rabbits stay healthy. It is important for the health of your rabbit to consume their cecotropes on a daily basis in order to get these vital nutrients.

Poop, on the other hand, consists of indigestible food material such as fur and other non-nutritious substances that cannot be used by the rabbit’s body.


Overall, this article has provided a comprehensive overview of why rabbits eat their own poop. While it may seem strange to us, it is actually an important part of the rabbit’s diet and health. It is important for owners to understand that rabbit eating its own poop – specifically cecotropes – is normal behavior, so they can recognize when there are problems with the animal’s health or diet.

By understanding why rabbits eat their own poop, owners can provide them with a healthy lifestyle and ensure they remain happy and well-fed.

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