Pessoa Saddle Serial Number Lookup

The Pessoa Saddle Serial Number Lookup is available online for easy reference. Customers can use the serial number to search for the saddle model, size, and year of production. The website also provides access to a database that contains all relevant product information including warranty details, parts lists and repair instructions.

This free service allows customers to quickly determine if their saddle has been recalled or is covered by any warranties issued by the manufacturer. Additionally, users can contact customer service with questions about their specific saddle or view instructional videos on how to properly care for it over time.

Are you looking for information on a particular Pessoa Saddle? Did you know that the serial numbers located on your saddle can be used to look up important information about it? All you have to do is take note of the serial number and use it in a Pessoa Saddle Serial Number Lookup.

This quick search will give you all the details associated with your saddle, allowing you to make sure that it was made correctly and has been properly maintained. Don’t hesitate – start searching today!

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How Do I Look Up a Saddle Serial Number?

Looking up a saddle serial number can be done by contacting the manufacturer of your saddle directly. Many manufacturers have online databases where you can enter your serial number to get more information about the product, or you may need to contact them via phone or email. It’s also important for consumers to register their saddles with the company in order to ensure that their product is covered under warranty and in case it gets lost or stolen.

Additionally, some companies may require customers to provide proof of purchase before they will look up a serial number and provide any additional information about it.

How Can You Tell What Year a Saddle was Made?

The most reliable way to tell what year a saddle was made is by checking the manufacturer’s markings. You can usually find these on the underside of the fender or near where it connects with the tree. A mark such as a serial number, logo, or manufacturing code will be stamped into the leather and should include either an abbreviation for the month (e.g., Jan) or a two-digit number representing that month and year (e.g., 01/97).

If you cannot find any marking like this, then you may be able to determine an approximate date based on its style and materials used in construction.

Where are Pessoa Saddles Made?

Pessoa saddles are made in Walsall, England, the traditional heart of English saddle making. Pessoa has a long-standing tradition of producing some of the finest quality saddles and bridles available, crafted by their team of highly skilled leatherworkers and craftsmen. Their saddles have been developed over decades to provide riders with ultimate comfort and performance for all disciplines, from dressage to show jumping and eventing.

They use only the highest quality materials when constructing each saddle; including fine French calfskin leathers in addition to other luxurious hides.

Do All Saddles Have a Serial Number?

No, not all saddles have a serial number. Most modern saddles are sold with some sort of identification on them, but it is usually just a product code that identifies the manufacturer and model of the saddle. Some higher-end brands may include a serial number as part of their product codes or even stamped onto the saddle itself.

However, most lower-cost options do not come with any type of identifying information at all. If you’re looking for an easy way to identify your saddle, investing in one with a serial number can be beneficial for future reference if needed.

Pessoa Saddle Serial Number Lookup


Pessoa Saddle Models

Pessoa Saddles are purpose-built to provide a comfortable and secure ride for both horse and rider. Each saddle is designed with special features to ensure the ideal fit for every horse, including adjustable gullet plates, flexible tree points, and VPS panels that accommodate various conformation types. Pessoa’s signature XCH (Extra Comfort Harness) system also ensures maximum shock absorption while minimizing pressure on the withers.

With their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, it’s no wonder why many of today’s top riders choose Pessoa Saddles as their go-to choice.

Saddle Serial Number Search

A saddle serial number search can be a great way to identify the age and manufacturer of your saddle. Many manufacturers use individualized serial numbers on their saddles, which can help you determine the year it was made and who manufactured it. With this information, you can then look up more detailed information about the make and model of your saddle from its original producer or other sources online.

Pessoa Saddles

Pessoa saddles are a great option for riders looking to maximize their comfort and performance while in the saddle. These high-quality, handmade leather saddles feature an adjustable tree with a flexible panel system that helps ensure the best fit possible for both horse and rider. They also offer a unique close contact design that allows the rider to truly feel one with the horse, giving them unparalleled control over their mount’s movements.

With Pessoa saddles, you can be sure of superior quality and style without breaking your bank account!

Difference between Pessoa Saddles

Pessoa saddles are designed to fit both the horse and rider in an ergonomically correct position, providing a comfortable ride for both. The patented X-Change Gullet System on Pessoa saddles allows riders to easily adjust the width of the tree by simply changing out gullets, giving them flexibility to find the perfect fit for their horse as it changes shape due to age or conditioning. Additionally, Pessoa saddles feature a unique design that uses two panels (rather than one) which helps ensure even pressure distribution along your horse’s back and reduces heat build up under the saddle.

Pessoa Legacy Saddle

The Pessoa Legacy Saddle is designed to provide a secure, comfortable ride for both horse and rider. Its panel design features an updated version of the classic tree shape, providing equal pressure distribution throughout the seat while still allowing for close contact between horse and rider. The panels are made from high-quality leather with a soft foam lining that helps keep your horse’s back free from irritation.

The saddle also includes adjustable knee blocks and stirrup bars, as well as luxurious leather flaps and handholds so you can customize your riding experience. With its timeless look, superior craftsmanship, and level of comfort provided by its innovative design, it’s no wonder why the Pessoa Legacy saddle is one of today’s most popular models!

Pessoa Saddle Used

The Pessoa Saddle has become a popular choice among riders due to its unique design and comfort-focused features. The saddle is designed with a flexible tree, which follows the horse’s natural movement and provides superior stability for both horse and rider. Additionally, the adjustable gullet allows riders to customize their fit as needed while the soft foam panels provide exceptional cushioning.

As a result of these features, many consider the Pessoa Saddle one of the most comfortable saddles available today.

Courbette Saddle Serial Number Lookup

If you’re looking to purchase a used Courbette Saddle, it is important to know that each saddle has an individual serial number. This number can be located on the right side of the tree and provides a unique identifier for your particular saddle. You can use this serial number to look up information about your saddle model and manufacturer as well as other valuable information about its history.

Knowing the serial number will help ensure that you are getting the correct fit for both horse and rider.

15 Pessoa Saddle

The 15 Pessoa Saddle is a modern and ergonomic saddle, designed by the world-renowned equestrian rider and trainer, Nelson Pessoa. It features a unique combination of an ultra-soft seat cushion for maximum comfort, adjustable stirrup leathers for optimal fit and balance, as well as a flexible tree to ensure that your horse’s back remains free from pressure points. With its innovative design and superior craftsmanship, this saddle will provide you with exceptional performance in any riding discipline.


In conclusion, the Pessoa Saddle Serial Number Lookup is a great tool for anyone looking to determine details about their saddle. It can provide valuable information such as when and where the saddle was made, who it was sold to, what type of leather and hardware were used, and more. With this service, you can be confident in knowing that your saddle is genuine and has been properly maintained with accurate records.

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