Pennies in a Can for Dog Training

Pennies in a can are an effective tool for dog training. When shaking the can, the sound of the pennies creates a distraction that is used to interrupt unwanted behaviors such as barking or jumping on people. This method works because it gets your dog’s attention and helps direct their focus back to you so that you can give them commands or redirect them away from bad behavior.

The sound of coins in a can also serve as a positive reinforcement when your pup follows instructions correctly. You reward them with the sound by shaking the cans and then giving praise, which reinforces good behavior over time. Pennies in a can are cheap, easy to use, and highly effective for basic obedience training at home!

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to train your dog, consider using pennies in a can! This method is great because it gives your pup the opportunity to learn basic commands like “sit” and “stay” without any treats or rewards. All you need is a few coins placed inside an empty can that your pup can hear as they respond correctly to the command.

It’s cost-effective and an effective way of teaching your furry friend some new tricks! If you went to know more about pennies in a can for dog training, keep reading!

Brandon McMillan Shake & Break Training Tool

How Many Pennies in a Can for Dog Training?

When it comes to using pennies for dog training, the amount of coins you need will depend on how big your can is and what type of task you are trying to train your pup. Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is to fill the can with enough pennies so that when shaken, it makes a loud rattling noise. This sound helps capture the pup’s attention during training sessions and encourages them to focus better on their tasks at hand.

However, if you have a smaller can or want a quieter sound for teaching certain behaviors like “stay” or “come” commands, then start off with about 100 – 150 pennies in the can first before adding more if necessary.

How Does Shake And Break Work?

Shake and Break is an activity that works to help increase physical strength and coordination. The concept behind shake and break is simple: With each movement, you must make sure not only to complete the movement fully but also to maintain good form throughout. This type of exercise requires you to alternately tense your muscles while shaking or breaking them in order for maximal benefit.

Doing this repeatedly over a period of time, it can help build stronger bones and muscles as well as improve coordination between your arms, legs, torso, and head. Additionally, this type of workout can be very beneficial for people with joint pain because it helps reduce inflammation by increasing blood flow around the affected joints.

How Do You Teach a Dog Leave It And Drop It?

To teach a dog, leave it and drop it, and start by introducing the commands separately. Have treats ready and begin by saying “leave it” when your dog is about to grab something he shouldn’t be touching. As soon as he stops, reward him with a treat for listening.

Once the command has been established, you can work on teaching him to drop whatever is in his mouth after you say, “drop it.” Start by placing an object in front of your pup that you know they will want to pick up (like their favorite toy). Say “drop it” as soon as they reach for the item and then immediately give them a treat afterward.

Repeat this until your pup understands what you ask them to do whenever they hear those two words.

What Can Be Used As a Reward During Dog Training?

One of the most effective rewards for dogs during training is food. Food rewards are a great way to give your pup positive reinforcement, as it encourages them to keep going and help solidify the behavior you want from them. You can use treats such as small pieces of kibble or special treats like freeze-dried liver bits and cheese cubes.

Other types of food rewards that can be used include hot dogs, cooked chicken breasts, boiled eggs, peanut butter, yogurt bites, and fruit slices. In addition to using food as a reward during training sessions, you can also offer praise and petting when your dog performs an action correctly. This will help build trust between you and your pup while reinforcing desired behaviors at the same time!

Pennies in a Can for Dog Training


Is Shaking a Can With Coins Bad for Dogs?

Shaking a can with coins is not recommended, as it can be an unpleasant and potentially dangerous experience for dogs. The sound of the rattling metal may cause distress or even fear in some pets, while the pieces of metal could injure them if they were to come into contact with your dog’s eyes, ears, and mouth. Additionally, shaking a can with coins creates unnecessary noise pollution, irritating your pet and neighbors.

Why Do Dogs Hate Pennies in a Can?

Dogs hate pennies in a can because of their reaction to the sound of coins clanging against each other. When dogs hear this noise, it triggers their natural instinct to bark and alert their owners that something potentially dangerous is nearby. Additionally, the smell and taste of metal can also be off-putting for them.

Pennies in a Can Sound

Pennies in a can sound is a phenomenon that occurs when you shake a container full of pennies. It is commonly used as an example of how different objects make different sounds when shaken due to the way they interact with each other and the underlying surface. The sound created by shaking pennies inside a can usually consist of high-pitched rattling and ringing tones, making it an interesting experience for both kids and adults alike!

Rattle Bottle Dog Training

Rattle bottle dog training is an effective and humane way to train a dog. When shaken, it involves using a plastic water or soda bottle filled with coins, pebbles, or other small objects to create a rattling sound. When used correctly, the noise of the rattle bottle can interrupt undesirable behavior and can be used as an alternative to verbal commands in order to achieve desired results from your pup.

The use of this method is especially useful for dogs that are hard of hearing or easily distracted by loud noises.

Shake a Can of Nickels at Them, Meaning

Shaking a can of nickels at someone is an old expression that has been used for centuries to express annoyance or frustration. It comes from the idea that when you shake a can full of coins; it makes such a loud noise that it would be enough to drive anyone crazy. The phrase is often used as a warning against doing something overly annoying or irritating—a reminder not to cross lines and provoke anger in others.

Dog Training Noise Maker

A dog training noise maker is a helpful tool that can be used to quickly and easily train your pup the right way. By using this device, you can produce loud noises, such as a whistle or bell sound, when it’s time for your pup to obey commands. This device helps create consistent feedback so they know exactly what they should do each time, making them easier to train in the long run.

Shake Can

A shake can is a great way to create your own single-serving beverage! Simply add any flavored powder, such as protein or electrolyte mix, into the shaker bottle and fill it with water. Shake it up vigorously for several seconds until all of the powder has dissolved.

Enjoy your homemade drink on the go – no need to worry about refrigeration or spills!

Pet Corrector

A Pet Corrector is a tool used by pet owners to help train their pets. It works by emitting a sharp, hissing sound that can startle and distract the animal when they are misbehaving. This noise helps them to understand what behaviors are unacceptable and encourages them to behave better in the future.

The Pet Corrector is an invaluable tool for dog owners who want to properly discipline their furry friends while maintaining a positive relationship with them.


This blog post has provided an interesting and affordable method of dog training. Using pennies in a can is not only cost-effective but also easy to do. It teaches the dog obedience in a positive and exciting way, rewarding good behavior.

With some patience and consistency, this simple trick can help owners train their dogs to become better-behaved companions. Thank you for reading our post about pennies in a can for dog training.

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