Missing Link Snaffle Bit With Cricket

The Missing Link Snaffle Bit with Cricket is a type of horse bit that combines the snaffle bit and cricket. The snaffle has two sides, one side having a curved mouthpiece with round edges, while the other side has a straight bar with square edges. The cricket is a small piece of metal attached to the center of the mouthpiece, which comes into contact with both sides of the horses tongue when pressure is applied to it.

This design adds another layer of control for riders as they are able to apply more direct pressure without causing discomfort or pain in their horses’ mouths. It also works well in combination with training techniques such as rollkur and long-reining since these methods require precise rein management from riders. As an added bonus, this bit style can help reduce wear and tear on your horse’s teeth since there are no pins or rings involved that can grind against them over time.

The Missing Link Cricket snaffle bit is the perfect tool for any horse rider looking to make their riding experience smoother and more enjoyable. This unique bit has an innovative design that helps to create a softer, more comfortable feel in the horse’s mouth while allowing them to move freely without restriction. The cricket-shaped center link allows riders to apply gentle pressure with minimal effort, making it ideal for those just starting out or who are still mastering their techniques.

With this clever bit, you can be sure of maintaining control but also providing your equine partner with comfort during each ride!

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What Does a Cricket Do on a Horse Bit?

A cricket, also known as a bit guard or curb chain, is an important piece of equipment used on horses. It is placed between the horse’s mouth and its bit to provide extra protection from pinching or rubbing while helping to prevent the horse from evading the contact of its rider. The cricket works by allowing some movement in the bit while still providing pressure when needed.

This provides increased control for the rider without causing pain or discomfort to the horse’s mouth. Additionally, it can help reduce excess head tossing and other behaviors caused by resistance against contact with a traditional metal bit.

Is a French Link Snaffle Harsh?

No, a French link snaffle is not necessarily harsh. In fact, the French link design is considered to be one of the mildest of all snaffles and can provide a comfortable feel for horses when used properly. It is important to note that every horse reacts differently to bit selection, and there are many factors that go into creating an effective as well as comfortable bit for each individual.

Proper fitting and use of a French link snaffle will ensure it does its job without causing discomfort or pain to your horse.

What is the Purpose of a French Link Snaffle?

A French link snaffle is a type of bit often used in horse riding. It has a curved center that rests comfortably against the roof of the horse’s mouth, making it more comfortable for the animal to wear than other types of bits. The shape also helps to prevent the bit from pinching and rubbing on sensitive areas like the tongue and cheeks.

Additionally, its two-jointed design facilitates communication between rider and horse by allowing subtle changes in pressure from one side or another as well as providing an even distribution of pressure across both sides when necessary. Ultimately, this type of bit is designed with comfort and communication in mind so that riders can achieve better control over their horses without causing them any pain or discomfort.

What’S the Difference between a French Link And a Lozenge?

A French link is a type of chain maille weave that has an overall rectangular shape, with the individual rings connected in such a way as to form four sides. It is often used as part of body armor or other protective garments. On the other hand, a lozenge is also a type of chain maille weave but it features diamond-shaped links instead of rectangles and typically has six sides rather than four.

Lozenges are commonly found on pieces like jewellery and even furniture, although they can also be used for clothing too. They have been popular since medieval times and are still widely used today due to their attractive look.

Missing Link Snaffle Bit With Cricket

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Snaffle Bit With Cricket Roller

The snaffle bit with cricket roller is a popular choice among horse riders, as it offers increased comfort and control while riding. This type of bit features a rounded metal mouthpiece with one or two small rings at the sides. The cricket roller in the center of the mouthpiece helps to keep the horse’s tongue relaxed during use, allowing for better communication between rider and animal.

Additionally, due to its lightweight design, it allows for improved response from your horse without causing discomfort or pain.

Half Breed Bit With Cricket

A half breed bit with cricket is a type of bridle bit used in horse riding. This type of bit combines the action of both a snaffle and a curb, making it an ideal choice for horses that need more control than can be achieved with a traditional snaffle while still providing some forgiveness. The addition of the cricket provides additional poll pressure which helps to ensure that the horse responds correctly to rein aids.

Half Breed Bit With Cricket Or Roller Bit

A half breed bit with cricket or roller is a type of horse bit that combines the action of both a snaffle and a curb to create an intermediate level of control. The pressure from the cricket or roller acts on the bars, lips, chin groove and tongue for maximum efficiency. A half breed bit can be used as either a transition between snaffle and full-curb bits, or it can be used as its own form of control.

When using this type of bit, it’s important to take extra care in adjusting its fit properly so that your horse feels comfortable while wearing it.

J And C Bits

J and C Bits is a small business located in the United Kingdom that specializes in providing quality horse bits for equestrians. They have an extensive range of bridles, snaffles, double bridles, pelhams and gags to suit all types of horses. Their products are designed with comfort and safety in mind so riders can be sure their horse will be comfortable when using them.

J and C Bits also provides helpful advice on choosing the right bit for your horse as well as tips on how to fit it correctly.

The Disciplined Ride Facebook

The Disciplined Ride Facebook page provides an excellent platform for horse riders of all levels to connect with each other, share their experiences and learn from one another. It is a community driven by mutual respect and support, where members can ask questions, get advice and discuss the latest topics in equestrianism. With over 10 thousand followers across the world, it has become a great place for people to stay up-to-date on all things related to horses while also building relationships with like minded individuals.

The Disciplined Ride

The Disciplined Ride is an innovative way to improve your horse’s performance and increase the bond between you and your equine partner. This riding system focuses on understanding how horses think, feel, and react in order to create a more effective training environment for both rider and mount. Through exercises designed to encourage engagement, trust building, communication and mutual respect, the disciplined ride helps riders gain confidence while developing their horsemanship skills in a safe manner.

Myler Bit

The Myler Bit is a specialized bit designed to provide more control and communication between the horse and rider. It works by applying pressure on specific areas of the horse’s mouth when activated, such as the tongue, bars, lips and roof of the mouth. The Myler Bit also has adjustable parts that allow for customization depending on your horse’s needs or wants.

This type of bit can be helpful in providing clearer instructions to your horse while riding, which can lead to an overall better experience for both parties involved!

Mullen Mouth Bit

The Mullen Mouth bit is a type of horse bit that features a flat, straight bar at the mouthpiece with no curvature. This design prevents the corners of the horse’s mouth from being pinched and can provide a more comfortable experience for both horse and rider. The Mullen Mouth also provides some tongue relief as it does not put pressure on any particular part of the tongue.

It is used to create light contact between horse and rider, allowing for greater communication during riding.


Overall, the Missing Link Snaffle Bit With Cricket is an ideal choice for any horse and rider combination looking for a bit with excellent control. Its unique design allows you to exert pressure on specific areas of the horse’s mouth without causing pain or discomfort. The cricket in the center also helps keep your horse focused and attentive while riding.

If you’re looking for a reliable bit that provides superior control while still being comfortable, this snaffle bit is one of your best options.

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