How to Tell the Age of a Bona Allen Saddle

To tell the age of a Bona Allen Saddle, the serial number found on the saddle is the most important piece of information. This can be located on an oval brass plate underneath one side of the seat jockey. The serial number usually starts with two letters followed by four numbers and ends with three more numbers (e.g., AB1234-567).

Each letter represents a year in which it was made, while each set of numbers represents a month and day respectively (e.g., 1234=December 34th). Additionally, certain features such as conchos or stitching patterns can help to determine its age range as these styles evolved over time. With this combined information you should have no problem determining when your Bona Allen Saddle was manufactured!

  • Examine the tree of the saddle: A Bona Allen saddle is an antique western-style design that was popular during the late 1800s and early 1900s in America
  • The tree, which is the frame of a saddle, can help you tell how old it is
  • Look for any marks or stamps on the inside of the tree to help you identify who made it and when it may have been made
  • Look at overall condition: If a Bona Allen Saddle appears to be in very good condition, chances are that it has been well cared for over its lifetime and could be older than one might expect from looking at photos alone
  • Generally speaking, older saddles will show more wear than newer ones because they were used more often prior to being acquired by their current owners
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  • Inspect hardware: Check out all metal parts like stirrups, cinches, latigo straps, etc
  • , as these pieces tend to date back further than other components of a saddle, such as leather or foam padding materials used for comfort seating on a horse’s back
  • Since Bona Allen Saddles have not been manufactured since WWII (the 1940s) then, if all metal parts are present in good shape, then this saddle must pre-date WWII-era production lines closing down hence making it likely earlier production years!

If you went to know more about how to tell the age of a bona allen saddle, keep reading!

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When Did Bona Allen Stop Making Saddles?

Bona Allen Inc. stopped making saddles in the late 1960s after more than a century of production. Founded in 1872, Bona Allen was one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of high-quality leather saddles and equipment for riding horses. As times changed and horseback riding became less popular, the company shifted its focus to producing other items such as shoe leather, furniture upholstery, wallets, handbags and luggage.

By 1968 they had completely discontinued their saddle making operations due to decreased demand; however they still produced accessories such as stirrups until 1976 when they closed their doors for good.

How Do You Read a Saddle Serial Number?

Reading a saddle serial number is fairly straightforward, but understanding the information contained within can be slightly more in-depth. Depending on the manufacturer, there are often two different types of numbers – one that is visible and another which requires a bit of searching to find. The most common type of serial number will be located either underneath the pommel or near the cantle (the back end) of your saddle.

It typically consists of a combination of letters and/or numbers and may indicate certain features about your specific saddle such as size, color, style or year it was made. Additionally, if you have an older model saddle with no visible identifying markings then you can sometimes locate its serial code by looking at any brand labels sewn into the lining.

Are Bona Allen Saddles Still Made?

Yes, Bona Allen saddles are still being made today. The company is based in the US and specializes in creating hand-crafted western saddles for both horse and rider. They use only premium American leathers that are tanned to their specifications, ensuring a long lasting saddle with superior quality.

All components of their saddles are hand cut, tooled and sewn by expert craftsmen in Tennessee so each saddle is truly one-of-a-kind. Their knowledgeable customer service team works with customers directly to ensure they get exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to custom designs or special requests.

Where is the Makers Mark on a Saddle?

The makers mark on a saddle is typically located near the cantle, which is the back of the saddle. It may be found stamped or branded onto leather, either near one side of the cantle or up along its lower edge. The maker’s logo or initials are usually accompanied by other identifying marks such as serial numbers and measurements for an individual order that were made to suit a particular horse’s size and shape.

Some saddles have their makers mark embossed into metal plates at each end of the tree (the frame) while others will have it printed directly onto leather panels.

How to Tell the Age of a Bona Allen Saddle



Overall, it is not difficult to learn how to tell the age of a Bona Allen Saddle. By looking at the saddle’s features such as its seat shape, tree structure and hardware, one can easily determine if it is an antique or a newer model. With this information in hand, you should be able to confidently assess the age of your saddle.

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