How Much is a Bona Allen Saddle Worth

A Bona Allen Saddle is a classic western-style saddle crafted with leather and rawhide that was first made in the late 1800s. The value of a Bona Allen Saddle will depend on its condition, age and rarity. Generally speaking, a well preserved vintage Bona Allen can be worth anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 or more depending on the quality of the saddle and its desirability among collectors.

On the other hand, newer models may only fetch between $200 and $500 due to their commonality. Ultimately it depends upon how much someone is willing to pay for it; however, these are some general estimations regarding what you can expect when looking at purchasing one of these historical pieces of horsemanship equipment.

How Much is a Bona Allen Saddle Worth

A Bona Allen saddle is a classic style of western saddles. They are handcrafted and made with the finest quality leather, making them an expensive but worthwhile investment for any equestrian enthusiast. The average price of a used Bona Allen Saddle ranges from $800-$2,500 depending on its condition and age, while new ones can cost up to $3,000 or more.

Ultimately, when it comes to the value of a Bona Allen saddle, it really depends on personal preference since each one has its own unique characteristics and features that make it stand out from other brands.

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How Do I Find Out What My Saddle is Worth?

To determine the worth of your saddle, you will need to consider a few factors. First, assess its overall condition and make sure it is in good shape and free of any damage or wear. Consider the age and brand of your saddle as well; certain brands may be more valuable than others, depending on their reputation for quality workmanship and craftsmanship.

You can also research similar saddles online or consult an equestrian professional to get a better understanding of what kind of value your particular saddle might have on the market. Additionally, take into account if any special features are included with the saddle such as custom-made stirrups or customized leatherwork which could potentially increase its value even further.

Does Bona Allen Still Make Saddles?

No, Bona Allen no longer makes saddles but they remain one of the most respected names in saddle making. Founded in 1872, Bona Allen was a major innovator during its heyday and produced some of the highest quality saddles ever made. While they may have stopped producing their famous saddles at some point around World War II, many of their products are still highly sought after today by collectors and vintage enthusiasts alike.

Quality craftsmanship combined with timeless styling is what has made them such an enduring symbol of horsemanship over the years.

Are Old Saddles Worth Money?

Old saddles can be worth a lot of money if they are well-maintained and in good condition. Depending on the age, style, and craftsmanship, some antique saddles can fetch many thousands of dollars. Even more modern vintage saddles from popular brands such as Circle Y or Poulin may also have a significant value for those looking to purchase them for use or collection purposes.

Generally speaking, quality leatherwork is always sought after and highly valued when it comes to old saddles so any that feature detailed stitching or tooling will likely have more value than those without these features.

How Do I Know If My Saddle is an Antique?

If you think your saddle might be an antique, the best way to know for sure is to consult an experienced saddle maker or professional appraiser. These professionals will be able to tell you if the craftsmanship and materials used in the saddle are indicative of an antique piece. Additionally, they can check things like stitching, leather quality, wear patterns, split skirts and seat shape which can help them determine how old a saddle is.

Other clues that may indicate antiquity include originality of hardware such as cinches and stirrups, stamped makers marks on the leather or tree of the saddle and any signs of hand-tooled decoration. If your saddle meets these criteria then it could very well be an antique!

How Much is a Bona Allen Saddle Worth

How to Tell the Age of a Bona Allen Saddle

The age of a Bona Allen Saddle can be determined by looking at the serial number on the back of the saddle. Each Bona Allen Saddle has its own unique serial number which includes a series of numbers and letters that indicate when it was manufactured. By cross-referencing this information with records from the manufacturer, you can accurately determine how old your saddle is.

Bona Allen Saddle Identification

Bona Allen saddles are an easy way to identify a saddle made by the Bona Allen Company. These saddles were first produced in 1908 and were typically constructed out of leather, with silver conchos on the skirts and fenders. The distinctive feature of these saddles is their unique “long stirrup” design, which allowed for greater leg movement during horseback riding activities.

To further distinguish them from other types of saddles, many Bona Allen models featured tooling around the skirts and jockeys as well as silver-plated hardware such as buckles or horn caps. With proper care and maintenance, these beautiful vintage pieces can last for generations!

Bona Allen Catalog

The Bona Allen Catalog was published from 1878 to 1941, and offered an extensive selection of saddles and other horse-related products. The catalog featured items ranging from bridles and bits to lariats and spurs, as well as a variety of riding apparel for both men and women. The company also sold veterinary supplies, stable equipment, feed supplements, books on training horses, art prints featuring equine subjects, and more.

With its broad selection of products at reasonable prices the Bona Allen Catalog provided riders with everything they needed for their equestrian pursuits in one comprehensive source.

Bona Allen Saddle Reviews

The Bona Allen saddle is highly regarded among riders of all experience levels for its superior comfort and quality. It has a lightweight design that helps to reduce fatigue, while the ergonomically designed seat and padded panels provide maximum comfort. Additionally, many reviews have reported that this saddle is extremely durable and can hold up to years of everyday use without showing signs of wear.

With so many positive reviews from users across the world, it’s no surprise why the Bona Allen saddle remains popular today!

Bona Allen Roping Saddle

The Bona Allen Roping Saddle, originating from the 1920s, is a classic western saddle designed for roping and working cattle. Featuring a low-profile cantle and swells that stay close to the horse’s back in order to give maximum range of motion, this saddle also has extra heavy jockeys as well as hand-carved floral tooling along its borders. Due to its durability and strength, it is still one of the most popular saddles used today by professional rodeo cowboys and weekend riders alike.

Bona Allen English Saddle

The Bona Allen English saddle is a classic style of leather and suede saddle that has been around since the early 19th century. The design features a deep seat with large panels, high cantles, and long flaps that provide comfort to the rider while allowing for greater control over the horse’s movements. This traditional style of saddle is popular among dressage and show jumping riders due to its ability to provide excellent balance between rider and horse.


In conclusion, the value of a Bona Allen saddle is determined by its condition, age and style. Naturally older models tend to be more valuable due to their rarity and craftsmanship. However, newer models can still fetch a substantial sum if they are well-maintained and made with quality materials.

Ultimately it is up to the buyer and seller to decide on the right price for this sought after collectible piece of equestrian history.

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