Flying River Turtle for Sale

A Flying River Turtle is an exotic pet that can be purchased from many pet stores or online. They are a small species of turtle, usually measuring between 4-7 inches in length and weighing about 2 pounds. They have bright green shells and webbed feet for swimming in the water.

These turtles live in freshwater tanks, as they require plenty of space to swim around and bask on rocks or logs. In captivity, these turtles need regular feeding, heat lamps to regulate their body temperature, clean filtered water with no chlorine or other chemicals present, and a steady supply of calcium supplements to stay healthy. It’s important not to overcrowd them by housing more than one turtle per tank, as this can cause stress and fight among them – resulting in serious injury or death. The world of turtles is full of remarkable and diverse species, each with its own unique characteristics and behaviors. Among these, the flying river turtle, scientifically known as the “Podocnemis expansa,” stands out for its extraordinary features and conservation status. In this informative blog post, we will explore the fascinating world of flying river turtles, their importance in the ecosystem, and the ethical considerations surrounding their availability for sale.

Flying River Turtle for Sale

The flying river turtle, or Podocnemis unifilis, is an exotic species of aquatic turtle that has recently become available for sale in the pet trade. It is native to large rivers and streams in South America and can grow up to 18 inches long! Though they are relatively easy to care for, they need a large aquarium with plenty of swimming space.

They also require warm water temperatures and good filtration systems as well as a varied diet including protein sources such as crickets, worms, shrimp, and fish. With their unique look and fascinating habits, these turtles make great additions to any home aquarium! If you went to know more about flying river turtle for sale, keep reading!


How Big of a Tank Does a Fly River Turtle Need?

Fly River turtles, also known as pig-nosed turtles, require a large tank to accommodate their size and swimming needs. The minimum recommended tank size for one adult, Fly River turtle, is 125 gallons (473 liters), while two adults should be kept in an enclosure of at least 225 gallons (845 liters). It’s important to note that these are minimum requirements; larger tanks will allow the turtles more room to swim around and explore.

Additionally, the water must be between 75 – 82°F (24 – 28°C) with good filtration, so it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment for your tank size.

Meet the Flying River Turtle

The flying river turtle is a species native to South America, primarily found in the Amazon River Basin. They are known for their distinctive appearance, which includes a flat, elongated shell and a pointed snout. But what sets them apart from other turtles is their ability to “fly” or leap out of the water, particularly the females when they lay their eggs.

Here are some key characteristics and behaviors of flying river turtles:

  1. Unique Shell Shape: Flying river turtles have shells that are adapted for life in the water. Their shells are flat and streamlined, making it easier for them to navigate in river environments.
  2. Feeding Habits: These turtles are primarily herbivorous, feeding on aquatic plants and fruits that fall into the water. Their diet plays a crucial role in the health of river ecosystems.
  3. Flying Ability: As mentioned earlier, female flying river turtles are famous for their ability to “fly.” When they lay their eggs, they propel themselves out of the water, using their powerful rear legs, and land on sandy riverbanks to create nests.
  4. Conservation Status: Flying river turtles are listed as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to habitat loss, overharvesting of their eggs and meat, and other threats.

How Long Do Fly River Turtles Live?

Fly River turtles, also known as pig-nosed turtles, can live for up to 50 years in the wild, making them one of the longest-living freshwater turtle species. They are highly resilient and can survive long stretches of drought or low water levels due to their ability to aestivate during periods of drought. However, this long lifespan is only possible if they are able to escape predation from humans and other animals.

For example, fly river turtles have been significantly impacted by fishing activities because they get easily caught in nets. Therefore, it is important that we take proper conservation measures so that these incredible creatures can live out their full lifespans without any disruption from human activity.

How Can Long Fly River Turtles Hold Their Breath?

Fly River turtles, or Pig-nosed turtles, are capable of holding their breath for up to 45 minutes while they dive. This remarkable feat is made possible by a unique adaptation that allows these creatures to absorb oxygen through their skin and throat when submerged in water. The turtle’s ability to remain underwater for such extended periods of time helps them find food and avoid predators in their aquatic environment.

Additionally, this adaptation has enabled the Fly River Turtle population to survive in some of the most challenging river habitats on Earth.

What Do You Feed a Fly River Turtle?

Fly River turtles, also known as pig-nosed turtles, are omnivores. They need a balanced diet that is rich in protein and high in calcium to keep them healthy. A good diet for these turtles includes a variety of fresh vegetables like kale, spinach, celery, and squash; dark leafy greens like collard greens and dandelion greens; fruits such as apples, pears, or grapes; cooked meats such as chicken or beef; live insects like mealworms or crickets; freeze-dried shrimp; earthworms or wax worms and commercial turtle food pellets.

It’s important to provide variety in the diet, so your Fly River turtle gets all the necessary nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Offer foods every day but only give your turtle what it can eat within a few minutes—overfeeding can cause digestive problems. Make sure you offer plenty of calcium-rich foods too!

Flying River Turtle for Sale


Flying River Turtle for Sale near San Antonio, Tx

If you’re looking for an exotic pet near San Antonio, then the Flying River Turtle could be perfect for you! This rare turtle species is native to Central and South America and can be found in the wild near rivers. The turtles are not only unique-looking but they also make great pets as they are relatively low maintenance.

You can find them for sale at many pet stores in the area or online from a variety of vendors.

Flying River Turtle for Sale near Austin, Tx

If you’re looking for an exotic pet near Austin, Texas, consider the Flying River Turtle! These unique turtles are found in South America and make great pets. They have a docile temperament, are easy to care for, and can live up to 15 years with proper care.

If you’re interested in owning one of these fascinating creatures, there are many local breeders who specialize in selling them near Austin.

Captive Bred Fly River Turtle

The Fly River Turtle (Carettochelys insculpta) is one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world, and has been successfully bred in captivity. Captive breeding programs are important for conserving this species as it is threatened by hunting, habitat loss, and pollution. The turtles are raised from hatchlings until they reach maturity, prior to being released back into their natural habitats.

Captive bred Fly River Turtles have proven to be successful breeders in a variety of conditions and can provide a sustainable source of this increasingly rare species.

Albino Fly River Turtle for Sale

The Albino Fly River Turtle is a rare and unique species of turtles, native to the Amazon River Basin in South America. They are known for their distinctive white coloration, which makes them stand out from other freshwater turtles. These beautiful creatures can be found for sale online from reputable dealers and pet stores around the world.

Fly River Turtle for Sale Usa

Flying River Turtle for Sale

The Fly River turtle (Carettochelys insculpta) is native to the waterways of Australia and New Guinea, but due to its popularity as an exotic pet, it can now be found for sale in the United States. The Fly River turtle is a large species reaching up to 30 inches in total length and weighing more than 60 pounds at maturity. It requires specialized care, so potential owners should research extensively before making the commitment to purchase one.

The Importance of Flying River Turtles in Ecosystems

Flying river turtles play a vital role in the health and balance of river ecosystems in South America. Here are some of the key reasons why these turtles are so crucial:

  1. Seed Dispersal: When flying river turtles feed on fruits and plants, they help disperse seeds throughout the river ecosystem. This aids in the growth of aquatic vegetation and provides food and shelter for various other species.
  2. Nutrient Cycling: Turtles contribute to nutrient cycling in aquatic environments. Their excrement can fertilize the water and surrounding areas, promoting the growth of algae and plants that are essential to the aquatic food web.
  3. Predator-Prey Relationships: Flying river turtles serve as prey for various predators, including caimans, large fish, and birds. This helps maintain a balance in predator-prey relationships within the ecosystem.
  4. Indicator Species: The presence and health of flying river turtle populations can serve as indicators of the overall health of freshwater ecosystems. Declines in turtle populations often signal environmental issues that need attention.

Ethical Considerations: Flying River Turtles for Sale

While the conservation of flying river turtles is of paramount importance, there are instances where individuals or organizations may offer these turtles for sale. It’s essential to approach such situations with caution and ethical considerations in mind:

  1. Legality: Ensure that any flying river turtle being offered for sale is legally obtained and comes with the necessary permits and documentation. Illegal trade in wildlife can have severe consequences for both the animals and the buyers.
  2. Source: Verify the source of the turtle. Reputable organizations involved in conservation and research may occasionally release turtles into the wild or provide them to educational institutions for research purposes.
  3. Educational Use: Some institutions, such as zoos and educational facilities, may have flying river turtles as part of their exhibits for educational purposes. Ensure that the turtles are kept in appropriate conditions and are part of conservation or educational initiatives.
  4. Pet Ownership: Keeping flying river turtles as pets is not recommended, as it can contribute to the depletion of wild populations and may not provide suitable conditions for their well-being. It’s essential to prioritize their conservation in their natural habitats.
  5. Rescue and Rehabilitation: In some cases, individuals may come across injured or displaced flying river turtles and seek assistance from wildlife rescue organizations. Supporting such organizations can help ensure the welfare and proper care of these turtles.

Fly River Turtle Tank Size

The Fly River Turtle (Pelochelys vibronic) is an aquatic turtle that can grow up to 1.0 m in length and weigh up to 40kg. As such, they require a tank size of at least 500-1000 gallons, depending on their size and age. This species of turtle also requires good filtration, plenty of hiding spots, and water temperatures between 24-26°C (75-79°F).

With the right setup and proper care, these turtles can live for over 40 years!


This blog post has shown that the Flying River Turtle is a unique and special species of turtle that can be purchased from specialty pet stores. This rare turtle is an interesting addition to any home, whether it’s for decoration or as a pet. The Flying River Turtle is not only visually appealing but also relatively easy to care for compared to other turtles, making them an ideal choice for those who are looking for something different in their reptile collection.

Flying river turtles are extraordinary creatures that play a crucial role in maintaining the health of South American river ecosystems. While their unique characteristics and behaviors make them fascinating subjects of study and conservation, it’s essential to approach their availability for sale with ethical considerations in mind. Conservation efforts are essential for the survival of flying river turtles, and supporting organizations dedicated to their protection is a meaningful way to contribute to their well-being. By raising awareness about the importance of these turtles and their ecosystems, we can help ensure that future generations have the opportunity to marvel at these remarkable creatures in their natural habitats.

With its long-term lifespan and its ability to thrive in captivity, the Flying River Turtle makes an excellent companion animal. Thank you for reading our post about flying river turtle for sale.

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