Do Great Pyrenees Get along With Cats?

Yes, Great Pyrenees generally get along well with cats. They are gentle, calm dogs that are typically good-natured and patient. However, as with any animal, there can be exceptions and some individual Great Pyrenees may not do well with cats.

It is always best to introduce any new animals slowly and carefully to ensure that they will get along.

While the Great Pyrenees are known for their gentle nature, they are still dogs after all. As such, it’s important to properly introduce them to your cats and provide supervision when they’re together, especially at first. With a little patience and care, you can create a harmonious home for all your furry friends! If you went to know more about do great pyrenees get along with cats, keep reading!

Great Pyrenees & cat are best friends?

Will My Great Pyrenees Protect My Cat?

Most dog breeds were bred for a specific purpose, such as hunting or herding. Great Pyrenees were originally bred to protect sheep from predators like wolves and bears. They are large dogs with thick coats of fur that make them well-suited for cold weather conditions.

Great Pyrenees are also known for being very loyal and protective of their family members, which is why they make good guard dogs. While the Great Pyrenees can be gentle and loving with their family members, they may not always get along with other animals in the home, especially if those animals are smaller in size. Great Pyrenees have a strong prey drive and may view your cat as something to chase after or even hurt.

It’s important to socialize your Great Pyrenees from a young age so that they learn how to interact appropriately with other animals. If you already have a cat in the home when you bring your Great Pyrenees puppy home, it’s important to introduce them slowly and supervised at first. With patience and training, some Great Pyrenees can learn to live peacefully with cats, but it’s not guaranteed.

What Dog Breeds Get along With Cats the Best?

There are a number of dog breeds that get along with cats the best. Some of these include the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Beagle. These breeds are all known for their friendly nature and love of companionship, which makes them ideal candidates for living peacefully with a cat.

Other good choices for dogs who get along well with cats include the Basset Hound, Boston Terrier, and Welsh Corgi. While most dogs can learn to live harmoniously with a cat if introduced properly and given time to adjust, these breeds tend to do particularly well in households where both a dog and a cat are present.

Does the Great Pyrenees Get along With Other Animals?

The Great Pyrenees is a gentle giants, and as such, they generally do well with other animals. However, because of their large size and natural predatory instincts, it’s important to introduce them to other animals early on in life so that they can learn how to properly interact. Socialization is key with this breed, and without it, they may be more likely to view smaller animals as prey.

Is the Great Pyrenees Clingy?

No dog breed is universally clingy, and Great Pyrenees are no exception. However, many owners report that their Great Pyrenees seem to enjoy close companionship more than most other breeds. This may be due in part to the fact that Great Pyrenees were bred as working dogs, and spent much of their time with their human companions.

Today, they still retain this strong bond with people and may become upset if left alone for too long. If you’re looking for a clingy dog breed, the Great Pyrenees may be a good choice for you.

Do Great Pyrenees Get along With Cats


Do the Great Pyrenees Kill Cats?

No, the Great Pyrenees do not kill cats. In fact, they are generally very good with cats and get along well with them. However, there are always exceptions to every rule and there may be some individual Great Pyrenees that do not like cats or may even try to hurt them.

If you have a cat and are considering getting a Great Pyrenees, it is always best to introduce the two animals slowly and supervised to ensure that they will get along okay.

Are the Great Pyrenees Good for First-Time Owners?

Are the Great Pyrenees good for first-time owners? This is a common question that potential dog owners ask when considering this breed. The answer, like with most things, is it depends.

Let’s take a closer look at whether or not the Great Pyrenees would be a good fit for you as a first-time dog owner. The Great Pyrenees is a large and imposing dog, standing anywhere from 26 to 32 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing between 85 and 115 pounds. They are covered in thick, white fur which requires regular brushing to prevent mats and tangles.

They are also known for being calm and gentle dogs, making them good companions for families with children. However, there are also some drawbacks to owning a Great Pyrenees as your first dog. For one thing, they require patience and consistency when it comes to training – something that many first-time dog owners may not have.

Additionally, their size means they need plenty of space to run and play – something that may not be available in an apartment or small home. Finally, their thick coats make them susceptible to heat stroke so they should never be left outside in warm weather without shade and water available. So, ultimately, the decision of whether or not a Great Pyrenees is right for you as a first-time owner comes down to your individual circumstances.

If you have the space for them, are willing to put in the work required for training, and can keep them cool in hot weather then they could make a great addition to your family!

Great Pyrenees Behavior Problems

Most Great Pyrenee’s behavior problems stem from one of two things: boredom or a lack of exercise. As a result, the dog may become destructive, bark excessively, dig holes, and chew on anything they can get their teeth on. The best way to prevent these issues is to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.

Here are some ideas:

  • Provide them with plenty of toys, including puzzle toys that will challenge their minds
  • Take them on long walks or runs every day
  • Give them a job to do, such as guarding the perimeter of your property or being your hiking buddy
  • Enroll them in agility classes or other dog sports

Are Great Pyrenees Good With Dogs?

Are the Great Pyrenees good with dogs? The answer may surprise you! The Great Pyrenees is a gentle giants, and while they were bred to be livestock guardians, they are also great family dogs.

They are patient and loving with children, and get along well with other pets in the home. However, when it comes to other dogs, they can be a bit more reserved. While the Great Pyrenees are not typically aggressive towards other dogs, they can be quite aloof and may not want to share their space or toys.

It is important to socialize your Great Pyrenees from an early age so that they learn how to interact properly with other dogs. If you have another dog in the home, make sure to introduce them slowly and Supervise their interactions until you are sure that everyone is comfortable with each other.

Pyrenees Cat Breed

If you’re looking for a big, fluffy cat with a heart of gold, the Pyrenees may be the perfect breed for you. This gentle giant hails from the French Pyrenees mountains, where they were originally bred to protect livestock from predators. Today, they make excellent companions and are known for their even temperaments and loving nature.

The Pyrenees is one of the largest domestic cat breeds, with males weighing in at 15-20 pounds and females averaging 10-15 pounds. They are slow to mature, taking up to five years to reach full size. Their thick coats can come in a variety of colors including white, cream, gray, blue, and brown.

The most distinguishing feature of the breed is their large size and muscular build – they definitely don’t look like your average housecat! While they may be big cats, Pyreneescats are actually quite laid back and affectionate. They love spending time with their humans and enjoy being petted and brushed (which is good news for those who don’t enjoy dealing with shedding).

They tend to get along well with other pets in the home too – although they may try to boss around smaller animals! If you’re looking for a relaxed yet loving feline friend, the Pyrenees just might be purr-fect for you.

Great Pyrenees With Other Dogs

If you’re considering adding a Great Pyrenees to your family, you may be wondering how they will do with other dogs. The good news is that Great Pyrenees are generally very good with other dogs, even those of different sizes. However, as with any dog, there are always exceptions, and some individual Great Pyrenees may not do well with other dogs.

In general, though, Great Pyrenees make great canine companions for both people and other dogs. One reason why Great Pyrenees tend to get along so well with other dogs is that they were bred for companionship. These gentle giants were originally used as guard dogs on farms in France and Spain, but their loving nature quickly won them a place in the hearts of their human families.

Over time, the breed developed into the loyal and affectionate companion we know today. Great Pyrenees are also known for being patient and tolerant, two qualities that come in handy when living with another dog. They’re not quick to anger or react to provocation, which can help prevent conflicts from getting out of hand.

Of course, every dog is different and there’s no guarantee that your Great Pyrenees will never have an argument with another dog – but it’s certainly more likely than if you had breeds known for being aggressive or territorial. So if you’re looking for a furry friend who will get along well with your existing canine companion (or future canine companions), a Great Pyrenees just might be the perfect fit!

Great Pyrenees Puppies

Great Pyrenees Puppies are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. They are known for their gentle dispositions and their large size. Great Pyrenees Puppies are also very intelligent and can be easily trained to perform tricks or tasks.

Although they require a lot of exercises, they are relatively easy to care for and make great family pets.

Are the Great Pyrenees Easy to Train?

There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about how easy it is to train a dog. The great Pyrenees are no different. They are, however, considered to be one of the easier breeds to train.

This is likely because they are bred for working alongside humans and have an innate desire to please their owners. That said, every dog is an individual and some may be more challenging to train than others. The best way to ensure success in training your Great Pyrenees is to start early and be consistent with your commands and rewards.

Like all dogs, Great Pyrenees will respond best to positive reinforcement techniques such as treats or praise. With patience and diligence, you should be able to successfully train your Great Pyrenees on basic obedience commands as well as any specific tricks or behaviors you’d like them to learn. Remember, the key is consistency!


The Great Pyrenees is a large and powerful dog breed that is known for its gentle nature. They are patient and loving with children, and make loyal and protective companions. While the Great Pyrenees is not typically aggressive, they can be territorial when it comes to other animals – including cats.

In most cases, however, a Great Pyrenees will get along just fine with a resident cat – as long as they are properly introduced and socialized together. Thanks for reading our blog post about do great pyrenees get along with cats.

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