Cricket Keeper for 1000 Crickets

A cricket keeper for 1000 crickets should be large enough to house the insects comfortably and securely. The dimensions of the enclosure should measure at least 7 feet in length, 3 feet in width, and 6 feet in height. It should also have a tight-fitting lid to prevent escapees.

Inside the enclosure, you can provide multiple levels of substrate such as wood chips or soil that allow them to burrow underground as well as climb on top of one another without injuring themselves. You will need several air vents along all four walls that are covered with mesh screen to keep out predators while allowing air flow throughout the space. Finally, food dishes and water dishes must be provided and changed daily so they have access to fresh food and water at all times.

Keeping 1000 crickets can be a daunting task for any pet owner. With the Cricket Keeper, you’ll have all your crickets safe and secure in one place! This durable plastic enclosure is designed to provide ventilation and plenty of space for your crickets.

It also features easy-to-clean surfaces so that you can keep it hygienic and free from odors. Plus, its innovative latch system ensures that no cricket will escape! Whether you’re just starting out with cricket keeping or are an experienced hobbyist, the Cricket Keeper is perfect for keeping hundreds of these little critters under control.

How To Keep THOUSANDS Of Crickets & Mealworms Alive For Reptile Feedings (DIY CRICKET KEEPER)

How Do You Store 1000 Crickets?

Storing 1000 crickets requires an adequate container that is large enough to house all of the insects. A good option could be a plastic bin with air holes drilled in the lid and sides, or a glass aquarium with screened top. The enclosure should also be lined with something absorbent such as paper towels or shredded newspaper, to provide some cushioning for the crickets and help keep their environment humid.

It’s important to ensure there are plenty of hiding places inside the enclosure, such as rocks or branches, so they can escape from each other if needed. Feeding them fresh vegetables regularly will help maintain their health and energy levels while offering additional nutrition for when they molt and grow larger. Finally, make sure you check on your crickets frequently to ensure none have died or gone missing – this can easily happen in large numbers!

What Size Container for 1000 Crickets?

When purchasing crickets for pets, the size of the container depends on how many you are buying. For 1000 crickets, a large plastic storage bin or aquarium with at least 30 gallons of space is recommended. The container should be well-ventilated and have enough room for all of them to move around freely.

Make sure that there are also plenty of hiding places such as wood pieces and rocks in order to keep them safe from predators. Additionally, make sure that their food supply will last long enough until they can be transferred into another enclosure if needed.

How Do You Store 500 Crickets?

If you are looking to store 500 crickets, you’ll want to make sure the container is large enough for all of them and that it has plenty of ventilation. A plastic or wire mesh enclosure with several inches between the walls will provide adequate air flow. The enclosure should also be kept in an area that is at least 70°F (21°C) as this temperature range promotes good health and comfortable living conditions for your crickets.

Inside the enclosure, place a shallow bowl filled with water and add pieces of carrots, apples, or dark leafy greens for food. Make sure there is enough substrate such as vermiculite or coconut fiber on the bottom so they can burrow and hide if necessary. Finally, regularly remove any dead crickets from the container to prevent bacteria growth which could lead to sick or dying crickets.

How Many Crickets Can I Put in a Cricket Keeper?

The amount of crickets that you can put in a cricket keeper depends on the size of your cricket keeper. A general rule is to not overcrowd the cage and provide ample space for each individual cricket. Generally, one large adult cricket should be housed in at least two gallons of substrate per individual.

For example, if you have a 10-gallon tank, then 5 full grown crickets would be an appropriate number to house in it. However, when dealing with young or baby crickets, more can usually fit within the same enclosure since they are smaller and require less space than adults. Therefore, if you have a 10 gallon tank then approximately 20-30 baby crickets could fit inside comfortably without overcrowding them.

Cricket Keeper for 1000 Crickets


Extra Large Cricket Keeper

Extra Large Cricket Keepers are must-have items for any serious cricket enthusiast. They are perfect for storing large amounts of crickets, allowing you to keep your collection organized and healthy. The extra large size makes them ideal for breeding projects or keeping multiple colonies of crickets at once.

These durable containers come with secure lids that ensure the safety and protection of your live insects. For a convenient and effective way to house your cricket collection, an Extra Large Cricket Keeper is the perfect choice!

Commercial Cricket Bin for Sale

If you’re looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to manage your cricket population in an eco-friendly manner, then consider investing in a commercial cricket bin. These bins are designed with multiple compartments that can be filled with food and water sources for the crickets which will ensure they stay healthy and active. The sturdy construction of these bins also makes them easy to transport from place to place, meaning you can easily move it if needed.

With its many features and benefits, purchasing a commercial cricket bin is an excellent choice for any avid insect enthusiast!

Thrive Small Cricket Keeper

The Thrive Small Cricket Keeper is a great way to provide a safe and secure habitat for your crickets. The container is made of durable plastic, with multiple holes in the lid to allow air circulation. The keeper includes two levels that can be used to separate different types of crickets or store food and water dishes.

It also has an easy-to-view window on one side, so you can easily monitor the activity of your cricket colony without having to disrupt them. With its attractive design and user-friendly features, this cricket keeper makes it easy to keep your pets healthy and happy!

Diy Cricket Keeper

DIY cricket keepers are an excellent way to start your own cricket colony and observe their fascinating behaviors. Not only is it easy to construct a DIY cricket keeper, but they provide a safe environment for the crickets while still allowing you to watch them. They usually consist of two plastic containers with holes in the sides or lids and some moist substrate material such as soil or moss inside of each container.

Crickets can be introduced into the keeper through the holes, which will also serve as ventilation for air flow and water drainage when needed. With just a few supplies, you can create an effective habitat for your crickets!

Petsmart Cricket Keeper

The PetSmart Cricket Keeper is an all-in-one cricket cage that makes it easy to keep and feed your crickets. It comes with everything you need to maintain a healthy, safe habitat for your insects, including food and water dishes, ventilation holes for air circulation, and egg laying areas. The Cricket Keeper also features an easy access door so you can quickly remove or replace any of the items in the enclosure.

With this convenient solution, keeping crickets has never been easier!

Large Cricket Keeper Thrive

Large Cricket Keeper Thrive is a specially-designed container for keeping crickets as pets. It has plenty of space for your insects to roam and explore, with adjustable vents that allow you to regulate humidity and temperature. It also comes equipped with a built-in water dish and food tray, making it easy to keep your crickets well-fed and hydrated without the need for any additional equipment.

With its durable design, Large Cricket Keeper Thrive ensures that your critters stay safe and secure at all times!


This blog post has provided a great overview of the Cricket Keeper for 1000 Crickets, an effective and easy-to-use storage solution for cricket enthusiasts. This product is conveniently designed to hold up to 1,000 crickets in one container and offers multiple different ventilation options. It also comes with two convenient feeding dishes that allow you to feed your crickets without having to remove them from the container.

All in all, this product is well worth considering if you are looking for a safe way to store and transport your cricket colony.

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