Can You Feel Kittens Kick in the Womb?

Yes, you can feel kittens kick in the womb. It generally happens around 18-21 days after breeding. You will feel frequent small taps or flutters.

  • Schedule an ultrasound with your veterinarian to confirm pregnancy and check on the health of the kittens
  • At around 18-21 days after breeding, you should be able to feel the kittens move if you place your hand on your cat’s belly
  • Gently press down on your cat’s abdomen in different spots until you feel movement from the kittens inside her womb.

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How Long After Kittens Start Kicking are They Born?

The birthing process for cats is relatively short, with most kittens being born within 64 days of their mother’s pregnancy. However, the length of time from when the kittens start kicking to when they are actually born can vary depending on a number of factors. One of the biggest factors that can affect how long it takes for kittens to be born after they start kicking is the size of the litter.

A larger litter will typically take longer to deliver than a smaller one. Additionally, first-time mothers may also take longer to deliver their kittens than more experienced mothers. Generally speaking, however, you can expect most kittens to be born within two to four hours after they start kicking.

If it has been more than six hours since the kittens started kicking and they have not yet been born, then it is important to seek veterinary assistance as there may be a complication with the delivery.

How Can I Tell How Far along My Cat is in Pregnancy?

If you think your cat may be pregnant, there are a few ways to tell how far along the pregnancy is. One way is to feel the abdomen for kittens. Around day 30 of pregnancy, you should be able to feel distinct bumps that are the heads and spines of the kittens.

You may also notice that your cat’s nipples have become enlarged and more pink or red in color. Another way to estimate fetal development is by ultrasound; most veterinarians can perform this as early as day 20-25 of pregnancy. Finally, X-rays can be used later in pregnancy (around day 45) to confirm number of kittens and approximate their size.

Do Kittens Get More Active before Birth?

While some mothers-to-be report feeling more energetic in the days leading up to childbirth, there’s no scientific evidence to support the idea that this boost in energy is caused by the baby. In fact, it’s more likely that the extra energy is due to pregnancy hormones and the nesting instinct. However, even if you don’t feel like running a marathon, it’s important to stay active during pregnancy.

Walking, swimming and gentle stretching are all great ways to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy.

Can You Feel Kittens Kick in the Womb



Have you ever been curious if you can feel kittens kick in the womb? The answer is yes! As soon as they’re born, kittens start to move around and explore their new surroundings.

But before they’re born, you can actually feel them kicking inside their mother’s tummy. So, how does it feel when kittens kick in the womb? It feels like gentle flutters or taps on the inside of your belly.

Some people say it feels like popcorn popping or bubbles bursting. It’s a very light feeling, but you’ll definitely know when it happens. If you’re pregnant with a cat, you may start to feel those tiny kicks around week 4 or 5 of pregnancy.

However, every cat is different so don’t be alarmed if you don’t feel anything until later on in the pregnancy. Just enjoy the experience and wait for those cute little kittens to make their grand entrance into the world. Thanks for reading our blog post about can you feel kittens kick in the womb.

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