Can Gouramis Live With Cichlids

Yes, Gouramis can live with Cichlids in the same tank. Both types of fish are relatively peaceful and easy to care for. Gouramis have a more passive temperament than many other tropical fish, so they work well with other species that are also relatively docile.

They prefer slow-moving waters and will often hide among plants or rock formations. Cichlids tend to be more independent than Gouramis but are still compatible with them in the same aquarium. As long as both species have plenty of space and hiding places, they should get along fine without any aggressive behavior from either one.

However, it is important to remember that some larger cichlid varieties may become territorial if overcrowded or feel threatened by other fishes living in the same tank environment.

Gouramis and Cichlids are both popular tank fish, but can they live together? The answer is yes. Gouramis and cichlids have different temperaments, so it’s important to be mindful of the types of fish you place in your tank.

Although these two species may not always get along with each other, it is possible to keep them in the same aquarium if there is plenty of space for each type of fish to roam about without getting too close to one another. Additionally, it’s important that food and hiding spots are plentiful so neither species feels threatened by the other. With proper planning and a careful selection of compatible species, Gouramis and Cichlids can happily cohabitate! If you went to know more about can gouramis live with cichlids, keep reading!

Gourami Fish Tank Mates – Others with Gourami?

What Can Cichlids Live With Dwarf Gourami?

Many of the smaller, peaceful cichlids can be kept in tanks with dwarf gourami. These include some species such as Neolamprologus multifasciatus, Pelvicachromis pulcher, Apistogramma agassizii and Apistogramma cacatuoides. It’s important to note that tankmates should always be carefully selected based on their size and temperaments – since some cichlids can become quite aggressive when mature.

Additionally, it’s best to use tanks larger than 20 gallons for these combinations so that each fish has plenty of room to swim around without territorial conflicts or stress.

Can Kiss Gouramis Live With Cichlids?

Yes, kissing Gouramis can live with cichlids in the same tank as long as there is plenty of hiding places and plenty of space for both species to swim. Kissing Gouramis typically prefer a peaceful environment, so it’s important to choose cichlid species that are similarly non-aggressive or at least not overly aggressive. Furthermore, water parameters should be compatible for both species and you may need to adjust the pH levels depending on which cichlids you have chosen.

When it comes to feeding, some overlap between foods can work out well since Gouramis tend to feed close to the surface while Cichlids feed at mid-water level or lower. Finally, make sure that all specimens are quarantined before adding them to your community aquarium; this will help prevent introducing diseases or parasites into your tank.

Can Any Fish Live With Cichlids?

Yes, some fish can live with cichlids. Cichlids are generally peaceful fish and will not bother tank mates that are small enough for them to fit in their mouth. However, it is important to choose compatible species of fish when keeping cichlids.

Some good choices include tetras, gouramis, rasboras, danios, loaches, catfish and other non-aggressive bottom-dwellers like mollies or platies. It is also recommended that you avoid adding any aggressive species such as angelfish or barbs into a tank with cichlids since they may cause stress and aggression within the aquarium environment.

What Fish Are Good Tank Mates With African Cichlids?

When selecting tank mates for African cichlids, it is important to choose species that are not overly aggressive and will not compete with them for food or space. Fish such as catfish, barbs, tetras, loaches, and danios make good companions due to their peaceful nature. It is also wise to pick fish of similar size so they can all comfortably coexist in the same environment.

While some larger species like Silver Dollars and Plecos may be fine with African cichlids if kept in a large enough aquarium, there is always a risk of injury or even death when mixing different types of fish together. As always, research any potential tank mates before adding them to your aquarium!

Can Gouramis Live With Cichlids


Can Gouramis Live With South American Cichlids?

Gouramis can live with South American cichlids in the same tank, but it is important to keep an eye on them. Gouramis are generally peaceful fish, while cichlids can be more aggressive and territorial. To ensure that both species thrive, make sure to provide plenty of hiding spots for the gourami as well as a large enough tank to prevent overcrowding and aggression between the two types of fish.

What Fish Can Live With Gouramis?

Gouramis are peaceful fish and make great tankmates for many different species of freshwater fish. Some suitable companions for Gouramis include other peaceful schooling fish like tetras, danios, barbs, rasboras, hatchet fish, and loaches. They can also coexist with other bottom-dwellers such as Corydoras catfish and some larger species of plecos.

Dwarf Gourami Tank Mates

Dwarf Gourami are relatively peaceful fish that enjoy the company of tank mates. Popular compatible species include other small, peaceful community fish such as neon and Ember tetras, Corydoras catfish, Otocinclus catfish, and plates. In addition to these commonly kept aquarium inhabitants, mollies, guppies, and even some larger barbs can make suitable companions for Dwarf Gouramis in tanks with plenty of hiding places.

Are Gouramis Cichlids?

Gouramis are not cichlids, but they are similar in some ways. Gouramis belong to the family Osphronemidae and are most closely related to other anabantoid fishes such as paradisefish, climbing perch, and bettas. They have a labyrinth organ that allows them to take oxygen directly from the air rather than through their gills like other fish species.

They can be found in various parts of Asia including India, Malaysia, and Indonesia where they inhabit slow-moving streams or shallow pools with plenty of vegetation for cover.

Cichlid Tank Mates

Cichlids are an incredibly popular fish species for home aquariums. When choosing tank mates for cichlids, it is important to consider the temperament of both the cichlid and its potential tank mate. Generally speaking, peaceful fish such as tetras, danios, barbs, rasboras, and gouramis make good companions for most types of cichlids.

However, more aggressive species like African Cichlids should only be kept with other similarly-sized cichlids that possess a similar level of aggression. Before adding any new fish to your tank always research their compatibility with existing inhabitants and make sure you provide plenty of hiding spaces in order to reduce stress levels.

Can Gouramis Live With Shrimp?

Gouramis can live with shrimp provided that the tank is large enough to accommodate both species. Since Gouramis are territorial, it’s important to provide them with plenty of space and hiding places so they won’t harass the shrimp. The water should also be clean and well-oxygenated to ensure optimal health for all inhabitants in the tank.

Convict Cichlid With Gourami

The Convict Cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata) is a popular aquarium fish that can happily cohabitate with gouramis in the right conditions. This hardy species is known for its peaceful temperament, so it makes an ideal tank mate for most members of the gourami family. However, it’s important to note that these cichlids are territorial by nature and should be kept in tanks no smaller than 20 gallons to give them plenty of room to swim and establish their own territories.

Can Cichlids Live With Guppies?

Yes, cichlids and guppies can live together in the same tank. However, it is important to keep in mind that cichlids are more aggressive than guppies so they should be introduced with caution. It’s best to have plenty of hiding spots for the guppies as well as enough space for both species to swim around without conflict.

Additionally, make sure you provide them with a diet that meets their nutritional needs and regular water changes to maintain good water quality.


Overall, it is possible for Gouramis and Cichlids to live together in a tank. However, they need to be carefully monitored as these two types of fish are both territorial and can become aggressive with one another. It is important to consider the size of the tank when making this decision since overcrowding may increase aggression levels among your fish.

In order to ensure that all your fish remain healthy and happy, regular water changes should also be made. With proper care and monitoring, Gouramis and Cichlids can peacefully coexist in an aquarium environment. Thank you for reading our post about can gouramis live with cichlids.

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